Image shows time waves within time waves within time waves.

Time Waves


In 2003, Earth went through changes where it received a reset of its seed atom in a third of the grids. The planet was involved in the process of resetting the 12 Reuche Pillars which is resetting the time waves, the genetic time codes on the planetary level, not just the things that are in biological forms, but literally the matter pulsation time codes to get the planetary body so that it can again hold the faster pulsating Sha-LA light fields instead of the Sho-na light fields. The Sho-na fields slow and then they speed up real fast that they burn out their seed atom; they compact and then eventually explode or implode depending what their particular structure is.


Time waves (genetic time codes) completely govern our relationship to time, to the planetary movement and to the birth and death cycles. If you’re in Krystal Time Wave or Ascension Time Wave, you don’t have a death cycle. Krystal beings or Eternal Life beings don’t die; they can go from one density level all the way back to Source and back down again. They just ascend to transmute out of density and then transmute back in again to take on an incarnation; they don’t have to reincarnate to get back into body.


There are many different time waves. Each dimensional frequency bands could be looked at as a time wave, and each set of 3 dimensions (density) could be looked at as a larger cycle time wave. There are time waves within time waves within time waves.


The Duality Wave Anomaly


Due to the Gaian-Orion Wars period that happened 570 million years ago on the Star Planet of Jha-Yan (or Gaia, Earth’s Density 3 counterpart planet), the Jha-Yan Shield literally split in two, forming an unnatural configuration of split bi-polar “twin-star” held together by a common Host Monadic Core. This mess formed an unnatural, inorganic Time Distortion Field, with two concurrently running planetary sub-time cycles running in direct spin and polarity opposition.


This rip in the fabric of time split upward the D-8 Orion-Mintaka Shield, the D-9 Mirach-Andromeda Shield, the D-10 Vega Shield, the D-11 Lyra-Aveyon Shield and the D-12 Lyra-Aramatena Divine Blue Print Shield of this Universal Veca. The Jha-Yan Shield Split echoed downward splitting the Shields of the D-7 Arcturian Gate, causing a portion of the Density 3 Jha-Yan Shield to rip apart and fall in fragments into the Density-2 Sirius and Pleiadian systems.


The most long-lasting effects of the Gaian-Orion Monadic Wars were three-fold; first is the creation of two anomalous co-existing, co-joined, opposing sub-time distortion fields that expand into and throughout the Universal Star Gate systems of our Veca.


Second, creation of this dual-coded, phase-bonded, sub-time distortion field generated an anomalous dual time wave evolutionary cycle within which the systems of our Veca became, and have remained, ensnared since the Gaian-Orion Wars.


Since the Jha-Yan Split, the 4-Density reality fields of our Veca have evolved within and through this core Dual Time Wave Monadic Split, through which the anomalous condition of exaggerated evolutionary duality has “appeared as the operational norm” within the split time cycles of our Veca.


Separation of Opposing Time Waves


Though reduced from its original quantum by the Jha-Yan Shield Split, the remaining organic Krystal Time Wave and its corresponding manifest evolutionary progression has unfolded as an evolutionary Probability Mainline in our Universal Veca system. Simultaneously, the distorted, unnatural Time Wave has also evolved as an evolutionary Probability Line that exists as an off-shoot of the natural Krystal Probability Mainline.


The Krystal races and Guardians have known since the time of the Gaian-Orion Wars 570 million years ago that a point in time would come when the two opposing but co-joined sub-time waves of the Duality Wave in our Veca system would finally separate and release from each other. If the distorted sub-time wave could have been slowed in its progression, the natural Krystal Time Wave would have remained the dominant quantum time wave in our Veca system.


Separation of the natural and distorted evolutionary Probability Lines would have occurred once much greater portions of the reversed sub-time wave territories had been healed and reclaimed within the Krystal Probability Mainline. Our Veca passed out of range of this gentler evolutionary Probability Option, (which presently still exists and moves forth within our Veca in its own Krystal Probability Mainline time cycle), during the period in our Veca history known as the Density-2 Tara-Sirian Wars 550 million years ago.


When the “Fall of Tara” occurred 550 million years ago (and the resultant birth of our Sol Solar system fragment within its present position in the Density-1 System), a portion of planet Tara’s (Pleiadian star Alcyone) Shields and Crystal Body was blown off and fragmented to become our Sol solar system (initiating the Halls of Amenti Host Bio-regenesis Rescue Mission on our planet Earth), while another Tara fragment reversed and became trapped within the pull of the unnatural sub-time wave in the Density-2 system.


The Fall of Tara caused our Veca to pass out of range of the gentler evolutionary Probability Option of the Krystal Probability Mainline. Our present planetary drama is the final fulfillment of the Probability Sub-line into which our Veca fell as a result of the 550 million years ago “Fall of Tara” and subsequent historical dramas.


Ascending Versus Descending Time Waves


The Guardians Master Councils kept alive the hope of Earth’s survival through the inevitable separation of the Duality Wave, through the creation and periodic maintenance of the Earthly extensions of the Polarian Matrix and Rama Passage Interface Gate systems.


During Earth’s Ascension Cycle, viable aspects of the Planetary Crystal Body and manifest fields are progressively Hosted through the process of Ascension Time Wave Rebirth, one dimensional level at a time, while irretrievable aspects of the Planetary Body are simultaneously separated into a Descending Time Wave, until the two opposing Planetary Time Waves and their inherent content engage final permanent separation into their respective paths of unfolding evolutionary destiny, in two permanently separated Probability Mainline Time Cycles.


Earth’s multidimensional planetary body progressively separates into an Eternal Life Ascending Time Wave of Rebirth and a Descending Time Wave of Final Bhardoah Transition. The Host-Buffer of the Interface Gate systems allows the primary structural integrity of the planetary body to remain as the two opposing Time Waves progressively separate.




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