Image of a happy lady wither arms raised to the air. The Three Alignments of Holistic Creation

The Three Alignments Of Holistic Creation


In this section, we will put together all the information and techniques that you’ve learned and practiced from the previous lectures into a comprehensive plan to map out your dream life and make it a reality.


Creating your dream life is a holistic process. Holistic creation is about creating a life you love, with satisfying relationships, pleasurable activities and joyful work. It involves drawing favorable forms and circumstances into your life, so that you can manifest a life of peace, love, joy, harmony, freedom, wholeness and inspiration.


In this lecture, I will go over the three alignments that will help you to manifest a successful and joyous life doing what you love. The three alignments are: aligning with your Infinite Self, aligning with the Divine Will, and aligning with Mother Earth or the Consciousness of Earth.


To do this, you make a conscious intention during your meditation by stating (silently or aloud): “I align with my Infinite Self, I align with the Divine Will, and I align with Mother Earth in creating and living my dream life.”


Aligning with Your Infinite Self


The process of holistic creation begins when you align with your Infinite Self.


You are always manifesting, in every moment, with every choice and decision you make, with every reaction, thought and feeling, and with every desire you set about fulfilling.


With holistic creation, your Infinite Self is expressing Itself through all the forms and circumstances in your life. You create based on the vision and inspiration of your Infinite Self.


What you have in your life right now has been created from the state of consciousness you live in. It was created by all your thoughts, beliefs, ideologies, and every judgment you’ve ever have about yourself. That’s why your life is the way it is.


As you move into a higher state of consciousness, what you have in your life will reflect this.


With holistic creation, you can express and experience the love, beauty, joy, aliveness, freedom and light of your Infinite Self in every area of your life. There is nothing your Infinite Self cannot change or create. As you align with It and surrender to It, you can become a master of manifesting.


You become a magnet that draws to you awesome opportunities and conditions to transform your life. You do not need to feel trapped, to live a daily life you do not enjoy, to sacrifice peace and happiness or to accept less than what you really want and deserve.


When you align with your Infinite Self, trust that whatever you need will be provided when you need it. Know that your Infinite Self is always reaching out to you and providing you with everything you need in every moment—all the guidance, understanding, grace and the power to clear all distracting energies.


When you manifest as your Infinite Self, you live in harmony with the Cosmos. You make choices in every moment that put you on an upward spiral, that add to your energy and sense of aliveness. You have an environment that supports you. You do those things that call to your heart, live the dreams within you and know with certainty that you can create the life you want. You have the strength, courage and trust in your inner vision to sustain it and bring it about.


Aligning with Divine Will


To align with your Infinite Self is to align with the Divine Will for your life.


Aligning with Divine Will can open your vision, deepen your intuition, release limitations and enable you to create your highest future. You become more conscious of your higher path and of those activities that fulfill your purposes for being on Earth. You become more aware of the Divine Plan for Humanity, your higher purpose, the Angels, Guardians, Masters and Enlightened Ones, and the larger whole of which you are a part.


Divine Will is a powerful force of pure spiritual energy that comes from the higher dimensions. Calling it to you creates an enormous infusion of spiritual energy into your life that awakens new consciousness and realizations. Divine Will infuses you with new skills and more power to carry out your goals and purposes. Working in this way can create profound and remarkable changes in your life.


To transform your life with Divine Will, you need to call it to you and be open to receive it. Even though it may feel like you are using your imagination, Divine Will does come to you when you call upon it. It can only be used for the purpose of light and good.


Aligning with Divine Will supersedes our personal will and desires. Our Infinite Self sees more for our life than we can even imagine.


Many of us work too hard to achieve our goals. Instead of using our personal will to force things to happen, we could instead tap into this inexhaustible source of energy. By aligning with Divine Will, we could expand our consciousness, connect with the Field of all potential for unlimited ideas, grow spiritually and create an even better life than we could imagine from our limited perspective.


However, do not expect that you will be “taken over” by Divine Will, and that suddenly everything will work in your life without your needing to do anything. You are the one who must take action and carry out the inner directions and guidance that are emerging.


Opportunities will come to you, new paths will open up and your consciousness will continue to expand. Divine Will will lovingly and gently nudge you in certain directions and make you more magnetic to abundance and to your higher good.


Aligning with Mother Earth


You can align with Mother Earth energy to be in harmony with the incoming energies that are awakening humanity and causing many global changes.


Powerful energies are impacting humanity right now, coming from higher dimensions of light, from the Great Central Sun, from the stars and from within the Earth itself. Planet Earth is indeed ascending to the higher dimensions!


These higher energetic frequencies are opening a doorway for humanity to live more in alignment with the Divine Plan of the Cosmos. They will have a larger and wider impact on humanity, slowly and steadily assisting humanity to unfold the Divine blueprint of their lives, and to come into alignment with the Divine plan of all life.


As you align with Mother Earth, you can more easily fulfill your purpose on the planet, manifest the Divine blueprint of your life, assist planet Earth in its ascension and be of greater service to humanity.


Those who ignore the impulse that this energy brings to grow and expand will still feel its effects. Some people may resist making changes, even good ones, and try to hang on to the past. Others may react with strong emotions or experience physical depletion and fatigue. Some people may give up, or feel overwhelmed, anxious or confused by this powerful and intense energy that stimulates all life to move into greater alignment with the Divine Plan.


When you align with Mother Earth, you will be able to manifest your dream life faster and more easily because you will be able to harmonize with the higher frequencies in a positive way. Miracles and blessings can flow into your life. You are no longer fighting the flow, but joining the higher currents and riding the upward spiral.


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