Image shows the splendor of nature.

The Splendor Of Nature


Spend time in Nature to experience its magnificent beauty and splendor. Nature rejuvenates and supports our frequency and energetic make-up.


The splendor of Nature gently nourishes us, soothing our restlessness, grounding us with her enduring patterns of change—the cycle of birth, death and renewal.


Nature teaches us that everything is alive and interconnected. Since Nature serves as a microcosm of the whole, we discover that aligning ourselves with the ebb and flow of its cycles makes our passage through life much more harmonious. It gives us a sense of being organic and alive.


Communing with Nature


Communing with Nature, we almost feel at home. Its simplicity embraces us like a mother. She nourishes and protects us from our feelings of immense vulnerability. We can relax, breathe openly and deeply, while gathering strength for our return to the world.


The oceans, mountains, streams, rocks, trees and leaves release high vibrational rays of light that both calm and energize the soul at the same time. The power of Nature is boundless, for it also centers our being and supports our intuitive faculties, bringing through important insights, downloads, creative breakthroughs and spiritual directives in our life.


As we awaken to our interconnectedness with Nature and All That Is, we merge more fully with Divine Consciousness, creating a better world for all souls and creatures of the planet.


Nature is a reflection of humanity, so take the time to be a steward of the Earth. Mother Earth is alive and assesses every step we take on her sacred ground, gauging our level of commitment and willingness to be of service.


As we open up to Mother Earth and communicate our intention for being alive, our path is lit. So love, tend to, honor, cherish, commune and replenish the glory that she has so graciously provided, as she has faithfully supported and held watch over us while we have journeyed on this planet.


Listening to Nature


Nature speaks to us in a myriad of ways, if we know how to listen. All of Nature’s creatures and bounty, even the smallest of rose petals, have a message for us.


Every leaf, flower, tree or insect holds infinite mysteries you can only begin to understand with your Heart. Become still inside and just feel into the silence. Experience the pure sense of wonder that arises.


Your answer might even seem to come from a tree or stream you are passing.


Watching the Sunset


A wonderful method is to sit quietly and watch the sun setting over the horizon. This can be done either at the ocean or by watching the sun descend behind a mountain.


Gaze silently at the sun, slightly squinting your eyes. You might see interesting colors and patterns, possibly visions. As the sun begins to descend out of sight, watch carefully for the moment when a line of dazzling electrical light opens up on the distant horizon. This is the Crack Between the Worlds.


You can enter it and go into the Zone of Silence.


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