Image of a wonderful dream fantasy landscape. Purpose of Dreams

The Purpose Of Dreams


Most of us have dreams at night. Dreaming is a natural and intrinsic part of human consciousness. Dreams are very important for most people.


Why Dream?


Why is dreaming necessary for many of us? Dreaming allows us to act out socially unacceptable thoughts and desires and to sort through issues or to solve problems in our daily life. If we don’t dream when we sleep, then we may become sick.


For example, we’re angry at our college professor for giving us a lower grade than we’ve expected or we’re upset at our husband or wife for whatever reason. However, we dare not express our opinion to the professor and we don’t want to disrupt the harmony in the family. Instead, we vent our anger in dreams.


Without the ability to release our anger and frustrations in dreams, we would continue to feel stressed out in the daytime, which would eventually cause us to become ill.


Satisfy Desires


Sometimes our unsatisfied desires are realized in dreams. We can imagine and enjoy a little bit in dreams, so that our minds are somewhat comforted. 


For example, you cannot be with someone you love for whatever reason. In dreams, you are married to or are in a relationship with the one you love. You won’t be as agonized in real life because your desire has been fulfilled in dreams.


If you struggle financially in life, then in dreams you see yourself as a wealthy person. You can relax and enjoy the pleasure of being rich for a while.


Solve Problems


Some dreams allow us to solve our problems or think through issues. For example, you have a problem that you want to solve in dreams. Before drifting off to sleep, you focus your attention on that specific problem or issue. You would repeat to yourself that you’ll dream about that specific topic.


According to a study by Dr. Diedre Barrett at Harvard Medical School, two-thirds participants had dreams that addressed their chosen problem, while one-third actually came up with solutions in their dreams.


Gain Information


Dreams are a safe and natural way to gain practical and relevant information. They are a very important mode of receiving messages from the higher worlds through our subconscious mind and from our Divine Self.


Some dreams allow us to reflect on our waking life. If you are not immediately able to determine a link between your dream and your waking life, see how the dream might be related to your future aspirations.


If your dream seemingly has no relevance to the past, present or future, keep the possible message conveyed by your dream in mind, and remain conscious or mindful of circumstances that might arise and be relevant to your dream.


Prophetic Dreams                                              


Some dreams might be prophetic, which means they include a vision of a probable future. They can take many different forms including highly graphic dream symbolic imagery that might require interpretation.


Whatever the form of information received in dreams, it is a most valuable ability to be able to fully recall dreams in the morning. Maintaining a dream journal is a very convenient and effective way of achieving this.

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