Image of a beautiful lavender lotus with lavender orbs in the background. The Nature of Transfigurative and Transformative Action

The Nature Of Transfigurative And Transformative Action


The Light Wave series books are devoted to the emerging light wave thoughtform known as Fusion. Fusion combines light and consensus focuses to create a more greatly unity-based paradigm of dream. Fusion is also an amalgamation of Transformative and Transfigurative Action Thoughtforms.


There have been two paths of ascension available unto ancient archetypes. Transfigurative and Transformative archetypes are those relations that arrived from Sirius with vast spiritual knowledge and larger heads. Those of this nature are gifted at what is known as transfusion. Transfusion is a manner of ascending out of physicality altogether and into another realm of existence separate from the body.


Up until now, consensus ascension has been spoken unto through Asur’Ana, Mother Earth consciousness, the Great Central Sun, and Dara Soul Group/Order of Dari. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. Transfusion on the other hand allows the body to be released and the cellular knowledge to carry on in a nonphysical format from which one can rise to other dimensions of awareness due to relinquishing physicality. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the consciousness returns home to All That Is, the Source, or the Tao through one’s hologram.


(NOTE: Asur’Ana will continue to share information on having a complete ascension (with the potential of taking the body with you) for those who are interested, in the Ascension Insights series and related books to be published later on by Aligning With Earth. The Light Wave series and related books offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.)


The Act of Transfusion


The act of transfusion involves a fusion of light. The light penetrates the cellular structure allowing density to burn off gradually and over time. As enough density is released, the structure can burn up in a very slow and methodical manner extracting all the knowledge and records held therein such that they are transferred to the archetypal planes. This form of ascension is known as transfusion and is an ancient modality of departing the physical without dying and moving on as a human consciousness that is archetypally driven. In a deep sense, one ascends home to their human hologram. This type of ascension is not new but the records of transfusion have just been recently recovered through the holographic archives of the ancient ones.


Transfusion requires another language that is light wave based. Light wave based languages are different from the Language of Light or Language of ONE. The Language of Light maps Transformative and Transfigurative languages that are polarity-based and offers up a unity-based thoughtform that is magnetic in nature. The magnetic thoughtform attempts to unify polarity into middle path sequences of dreams offering up a middle path spiritual journey for those mastering consensus ascension.


Consensus ascension leads to mastering the Language of ONE amongst those moving beyond transfigurative and transformative thoughtform and into the paradigm of photon waves. Photon waves produce spherical configurations that are often depicted as crop circles. We will map out the Language of ONE in future volumes of Ascension Insights series.


Transfigurative Nature


Transfigurative archetypes tend to rely upon transfiguration of thoughtform to ascend. Transformative archetypes rely upon transforming thoughtform to ascend. The information shared in the Ascension Insights series and related books are transformative based. Transformatists analyze karmic sequences of the inheritances, archetypal nature along with the thoughtform at cause and transform it by unifying polarity into the middle path. Transfigurists, on the other hand, transfigure thoughtform also into the middle road but through a very different journey of ascension in utilizing light waves.


Asur’Ana has been less familiar with light wave formations or transfigurative light waves up until recent mapping in her own ascension and due to pressing beyond transformative ascension possibilities and into the new possibility of transfusion. Transfusion language is the result of the unification of transformative action and transfigurative action thoughtform and into another set of sequences of light formations that one would consider Tao command based.


Tao command based light formations are different from transfigurative action light based waves. Many light workers rely upon transfigurative light based knowledge in their ascensions. Light wave based ascension is created through those of Tibetan lineage inheritance. Often, those of this inheritance are taller and thinner and do not develop a Buddha belly. Although Asur’Ana is related to all 7 root races, she has been primarily Tibetan, Polynesian and South American Indian in her ancient ancestry and in recent months has moved beyond the paradigm of consensus ascension and integrated light waves as a part of her own mastery. This journey has opened her to the variances of transfigurative and transformative paths enough that she can write about the two for each to better understand.


The information offered in the Ascension Insights series and related books are transformative action ascension based. The truth is that the two paths must be united for the real path of ascension to emerge; which is transfusion based. Therefore, the following information is shared for the greater and broader understanding of the difference between those who have followed consensus-based ascension that is transformative, and those who have followed light based ascension that is transfigurative, and how and why both paths are necessary unto the whole; and how both paths shall lead to a unified path ahead of greater magnitude than either path alone can fulfill upon.


Transformative Action Ascension


We will write a little bit about Transformatists action ascension for those who are more light wave based so that they will understand the variance between the two paths more greatly. Transformatists analyze everything. Often, they are psychic and gifted at perceiving many things including energetic configurations within the field, ancestors and ancestral planes, akashic records, biological records, thoughtform sequences, mechanical patterning, and magnetic field rotations necessary to consensus-based ascension. Those of this nature are gifted at transforming through intention rather than transfiguration. Intention is an act of will where one says “I intend this pattern be transformed as the creator of my creation” and so it comes to be so and as a result of the intention made.


Intention has three attributes that we would like to expound upon. Intention is really an act of transformation in which a command is relayed that states “this is within the law and this is not”. As the command is relayed for what is or is not in true spiritual law, that which is outside of the law dissipates. Creational Tao based commands have this effect. Creation based commands are of the Tao for creators to utilize when configuring their creations in the expansion cycles and in ascending their creations Home in the contraction cycle.


Creation commands are also necessary to transfusion thoughtform. Transfusion is associated with both transformative and transfigurative thoughtform. However, transfigurative thoughtform is different and provides another sequence of information necessary to the act of ascension through “fusion” home. We will explore transfigurative based ascension which rely upon light in lieu of creational commands to evolve. Light is a product of creational commands in which the creator commands the elements to form light. As the light forms, then it is transfigured by the creator into any sequence of dreams including structures that form life.


The Transfigurative Path of Ascension


Transfiguration is another level of creation based thoughtform that aligns sequences of dreams so that they can be dreamt as they are intended by the creator. First, comes the thoughtform command and then the dream; and then, the transfigurists transfigures the dreams into the intended sequence to allow the dreams to unfold. Therefore, transfigurists are gifted dream weavers and gifted at transfiguring the environment and self through focus. In the Ascension Insights series and related books, Asur’Ana has documented conscious dreaming from a transformatist’s point of view and not a transfigurist’s point of reference.


Light waves play a major role in transfiguration. Transfiguration involves the application of light to renew and ascend the cellular structure by sequencing it back or forward in time to wherever it was or is the healthiest and in the best possible genetic structure. We will be writing more about the nature of light-based ascension which involves a fusion light body in lieu of an etheric body; and fusion chakras in lieu of magnetic chakras associated with consensus-based ascension patterning. It is the fusion body that is relied upon to transfigure the biology into its best health and ascending systems. The path of transfiguration offers many gifts that can be applied to consensus-based ascension and primarily it is for the purposes of sustaining health in ascension.


Transfigurists and Transformatists in Relationship


Transfigurists are gifted at transfiguring everything. Transfigurists will transfigure the body to create a beautiful appearance; or transfigure the environment to be beautiful. Asur’Ana, in her work with master transfigurists of the nonphysical realm, has been surprised at how much beauty is a necessary focus for those of this nature. Beauty is equivalent to love; transfigurists love themselves and their environments by making it appear beautiful. This is written for those of transformative nature who may not understand transfigurists. Transfigurists also are gifted at ascension through transfiguration of the biology into new genetic sequences that are held within the holographic imprint of the blood. They do not rely upon outside holographic information but upon the information held within the body to ascend.


In partnership, friendship or relationship, transfigurists and transformatists relate differently. Transfigurists like to protect and will often provide a sequence of dreams to make oneself safe or a series of nonphysical support to beautify oneself or one’s environment. The transfigurists tend to wrap themselves around oneself in the process often causing a sensation of protection that can sometimes feel nurturing and other times suffocating amongst those of transformative nature.


Transformative types tend to analyze everything while transfigurists like to experience everything instead to grow, learn, and understand or evolve. Transfigurists can be far more emotive as a result as well as experiential in nature and transformatists far more mental and analytical.


As Asur’Ana applied transfigurative information more greatly to her ascension, she discovered she could ascend more from within and update her blueprint into health. Asur’Ana is age 45 who is choosing to renew to age 30. This is the result of her own mastery over transfiguration that this has become possible. So, this may be the same for many older aspirants who will understand that you can transfigure into an ageless biology and then carry on into new heights of work ahead that may be vastly fulfilling to experience.


Transfigurative principles involve light wave sequences that allow for transformation of the biology into its youth and gentleness. The light charges the cells so that they may renew; it burns off density in the form of gases; and it causes a brighter field over all to emerge that youths the body overall. The largest problem with the light work is the need to monitor the diet so that the body does not become overly toxic as the biology is transformed in the application of light. We shall be exploring many aspects of light infusion based ascension and the diet necessary to sustain one’s health later on.


Transfusionist Path of Ascension


Transfusion language unifies the polarity between transformative action and transfigurative action thoughtform into a greater state of unity yet. Therefore, one can think of transfusion language as one that more greatly sustains the middle path polarity. As fusion thoughtform is mastered, the nature of dreaming becomes middle path in which all is sustained in a sequence that provides, heals, loves, nurtures and sustains the health and well-being of the life.


Fusion language is founded upon love and requires the opening of the heart to sustain and the act of blessings to fulfill upon fusion dreaming. Asur’Ana is just emerging into fusion based thoughtform after a long sequence of consensus-based ascension. She is discovering that fusion thoughtform is more neutral and peaceful than other thoughtforms she has operated within. She is also discovering a renewed life through her own capacity to transfuse herself into health for her continued ascension. Transfusion is an act of utilizing light waves to sustain the vibration and also renew and ascend the cellular structure into more vibrant levels of DNA.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 1: Transfusion. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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