Image of delicate white and pinkish violet flowers. The Love Within

The Love Within


The Love of the Love Within


The time is right for infusion

out of the darkest of nights

which are only suspended

in the waking moments

Of truth that are about to unfold


Truth and darkness are opposites of nemesis

That arise in periods of deep introspection

Unto the meaning of life and love

Of which all of existence is founded upon

And aspires to return unto


What is the meaning of existence

Without love

and the breath from which it unfolds?

Love is the center of existence

And all that is and all that ever shall be


As for not for love

There is nothing left

Other than pure utter emptiness

Of which the darkest of truths unfold

In an unfeeling story of demise


This is a place

where the darkest of truths have unfolded

Only to teach those who are in the truth

The meaning of love in its purity

In which the love of loves unfolds


Pure love is only a state of being

That can be mastered

There is no other state that matters

In any time period

And only those opening the heart

Shall begin to fulfill upon such a goal


For it is the love of the love of the love within

That all of time ceases

And homecoming is born

Home is only a state of being

Held within the heart


Home has always been there

And it is only in the delusion that each fell from grace

Grace can be restored

As the heart loves

In the love of the love of the love within


Empowerment Within


Empowerment Within

Power is an insight

Into the vast unknown

Of which the meaning of existence is understood

As in the understanding

One is empowered


In the empowerment

All obstacles cease

And as all is known

All can become the resources of one’s destiny

In the fulfillment of one’s dreams


There is no other state

Other than empowerment

That is a worthy cause of mastering

As it is only in the empowerment

That real fulfillment can be born


Real fulfillment finds its ways

Out of the murk and mire

Of the delusion of delusions

Which is the cause of sad dreams

Of fairy tales gone by that make one cry


Pain is only a delusion

Of the lack of realization

That dreams can be dreamt

In the love of the love of the Tao

Giving flight unto truth


In the love of the love of the love within

Dreams fly to new heights

Where mastery can be realized

And truth can be revealed

And we can find our way Home within


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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 2: Poetic Prose. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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