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The Living Master


The path of Inner Light and Sound Meditation requires initiation and guidance by a living Master or Satguru. Guru is a Sanskrit word for “teacher” or “master”; Satguru means True Master or True Teacher, Teacher of the Truth. Through the initiation process, the Master awakens the Divine Presence or the true Self within us who will then undertake the spiritual journey. The true Self is the conscious soul or spirit in each person. The soul or spirit can be considered the “driver” of the vehicles, which are our bodies (physical and spiritual).


The Spiritual Teacher


Some individuals nowadays might be bothered by the need for a master or teacher to walk on this path. But think about this: since childhood, we need a teacher for every skill we learn; from walking, to speaking, to reading, to writing. Learning these skills from different teachers has enabled us to function in this physical world. Likewise, we need a teacher to guide and protect us on the greatest journey we will ever undertake back to the spiritual world, to our true Home, while living a normal life on Earth.


The Spiritual Journey


Many great spiritual teachers have maintained that without the guidance of a living Master, the spiritual journey is difficult to traverse to the very end. The journey is beset with fears and dangers as the soul/spirit ascends the higher planes of consciousness without the proper guidance and protection of a Master. It is a normal experience for the soul to mistake the higher plane as the very highest, the Absolute Realm. The Master also serves as the inner guide, leading the soul from plane to plane to its ultimate destination, a guide without whose aid the soul would mistake the intermediate stages for the final goal and would encounter barriers which it would be unable to surmount.


 “It is the Guru who shows the way

To reach the Compassion Lord.

He has the key to open all lock.” 
(Dadu Dayal)


“No one comes to the Father except through me.”
(St. John, 14:6)


            “But on my own I would have still been lost, O Bahu,

 Were it not for my Master showing me the way.”
(Sultan Bahu)


The Highest Stage of Awakening


The living Master is one who has traversed the spiritual journey to its very end, and has beheld the Source of all Light and Life and merged with the Infinite Eternal One or God-Source. After merging with Source, (s)he becomes one with Hirm and one with All That Is. Masters are Saints who have attained the highest stage of Awakening and serve as the link between God and humanity. (S)he functions as a human pole that transmits the God power to awaken the soul from it slumbers, and presents it with a mirror to behold its own innate glory. The Master is a lighted candle that lights the unlit ones.


Masters of Ourselves


The Master’s job is to guide an initiate until (s)he reaches his/her final destination (who shall not forsake him/her even to the end of the Earth, in this life or after death) and becomes as great as him/herself. His/Her’s responsibility is to train us to be self-reliant and to become masters of ourselves. Usually in the beginning, an initiated person might rely on the Master, just like a child needing the help of his/her parents to guide his/her first steps. But gradually, (s)he will become strong enough to walk alone and no longer depends on the Master.


We will learn to access our own inner guidance and intelligence by ascending the higher planes of consciousness. Perhaps, we can use knowledge from our meditation to invent numerous things to properly care for the planet, beautify and improve our world, and to make it a more peaceful and enjoyable place for all to live on.


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