Image shows the Light Body.

The Light Body


Image Credit: Sequoia Arayas


What is the Light Body?


Everyone has a light body. The light body is our ethereal body in its perfected, superconscious state of being, which allows interdimensional communication and teleportation to other dimensional realities and spaces in time.


The energetic matrix that surrounds our physical vessel as it prepares to shift into its perfected light body operates at an immense speed. It spins, interacts and intertwines with the multidimensional layers of the Universe, radiating and rippling across all space and time. This multidimensional matrix houses the codes and keys to the entire Galaxy and Universe. The time is NOW to awaken and tap into this infinite ocean of knowledge, to at last merge with the Cosmic Pillar of Divine Light, to expand and reveal our true spiritual identity, our Divine Blueprint, our calling.


The cells and subatomic molecular structure of the human body hold the supreme intelligence of Source. As you nourish and fill your cells with light, you ignite the memory that is encapsulated throughout your Beingness. As you consciously work to build your body of light, you raise your frequency. As you share your light with others, you increase the vibration of the planet. You become a precious link in the Great Shift.


Fill Your Body with Light


Light is the most vital source on the planet. When we fill our body with light, we begin our activation process, restructuring, recalibrating, recoding our energetic matrix back to its original framework. We begin the process of shifting into our perfected light body.


Streams of light are showering Planet Earth, adjusting and fine tuning the energies of All That Is in preparation for the Golden Age and beyond. As you merge with these energies and pull more light into your body, you oxygenate your nervous system, awakening ancient codes and keys within your soul. You activate latent abilities that have laid dormant for eons in your soul’s blueprint.


This is the time to awaken, to remember, to break down the barriers of illusion that have held us back from evolving into the highest aspect of our natural essence. As we integrate these beams of light, we transform into our highest state of Being and our multidimensional soul emerges, accelerating our evolution. As we fill your body with light, we become a transmitter of higher light energy. The vibratory frequency of humanity is raised, preparing humankind for its catapult into the Golden Age.


Each new stream of energy saturating the planet raises the vibratory rate of humanity, preparing us for the Ascension process. As we bring more light into our body, we activate higher dimensional coding, reconnecting and reactivating our 12-strand DNA.


Exploring Other Dimensional Realities and Teleportation


As we evolve spiritually and drop density, we move into a higher vibrational body that enables us to explore other dimensional realities.


What will happen to electronics as the Golden Age continues to expand and emerge? At this time, many humans are caught up in the technological age of electronics and instant gratification.


As Light Beings, you house your own inner “computer”. As you fully merge with the spherical energies of the Golden Age and evolve into the multidimensional being that you are, you will be less interested in such “gadgets”. Your body will be your electronic matrix. You will have everything you need within your Beingness, for you will be operating from your heart centers, which are infinitely multifaceted.


You will be speaking with mental telepathy. You will be transporting yourself, teleporting, in your own personal craft, which is YOU. The Dark Force have encouraged human beings to be distracted from Nature, and has placed a candy store of electronics at your disposal to keep you separate from God, the Source, All That Is.


The multi-crystalline structure of the human energy field contains millions of atoms and particles, vibrating at the speed of light. The evolved light body allows us to explore other dimensional realities through astral travel, soul travel, plasma body travel, spirit travel and teleportation. Our body will be our “craft”. As we think of a desired geographical destination, we will be instantaneously transported there. This is possible, because as we transcend linear time, we raise our vibration and exist in a higher dimensional state of reality. This allows us to easily manifest our expansive vision and destination of choice. We will have the ability to travel through many portals of energy with magnificent colors, petals, tones and landscapes.


Raise Your Frequency


When we evolve spiritually and raise our frequency, our light body shimmers, emitting energy to all we meet.


When you fill your body with the Light, you raise your vibratory rate and emanate this magnificent frequency to all you meet. Stand or sit in stillness and state, “I AM filling my body with Cosmic White Light now”. You can also use other colors of light such as: pale golden silver, pale silver, pale gold, platinum, etc.


So White Light your vessels. Allow your body to drink in the light. Every moment you think of it, fill your body with light. It can be as simple as “White Light, White Light, White Light”. As you fill yourself with light, you become a broadcaster of higher dimensional frequency, drawing to you those souls and circumstances that can benefit from your energy, your light, your truth. Every person you come into contact with will be affected by your aura, encouraging them to follow your example and live in a similar way.


The Healing Power of Light


Light is a living consciousness and responds instantaneously to our call.


The power of light transforms any challenging situation. The more light we bring into our body, the higher is our frequency. The higher the frequency, the closer we are to God-Source, our Buddha Nature, All That Is.


Any area of unease in the physical vessel can be healed with light. Call to the areas of the body that need your attention. Flood every single cell of your body with light and ask that the light be directed to any areas of pain or dis-ease, for every cell in your body is intelligent and responds to your divine directive. Everyone has this ability as we are divine.


Step outside in the beauty of Nature and look up to the sky, focus on the rays of light as they enter into your third eye, crown chakra, and every pore of your being. Invite the rays of light to heal, transform and awaken you to the multidimensional being you are. As you do so, you activate latent ancient codings and memories deep within your consciousness, assisting you with your realignment and healing process.




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