Image shows the planes of Creation according to the Masters

The Levels Of Creation According To The Masters


Image Credit: Partial version of inner planes of Creation depicted by Aman Sandhu. For full version, please visit Way of Mystics


The following is a brief review of the Levels of Creation according to Surat Shabd Yoga, based on my research, understanding and practice on the path. This information is only provided to give an overview of the breathtaking grandeur of God’s Creation in limited words. It’s not intended to take you to the path nor can they guide you on the path. In most cases, the real journey begins when one is initiated by a living Master.


The Inner Planes of Creation


According to many Masters, there are eight spiritual levels (often referred to as eggs, regions, or planes) above the physical universe. The physical plane creation is the material universe. The first plane above the physical universe is the Astral Plane or Level 1. Above the Astral Plane is the Causal Plane or Level 2.  Above the Causal Plane is the Supercausal Plane or Level 3. Above the Supercausal Plane is Maha Sunn or the Great Void; then we move upward to Bhanwar Gupha or the Rotating Cave of Level 4. Sach Khand, also known as the True Home is Level 5; it is purely spiritual and is All Light. Level 5 is the start of Eternity. Level 6 is known as Alakh Lok or the Invisible Region. Level 7 is known as Agam Lok or the Inaccessible Region. Level 8 is known as Anami Lok or the Nameless region.


The Five Harmonic Universes of the Time Matrix of External Creation


The following information details the five Harmonic Universes of the Time Matrix of External Creation. This information is credited to my study with the Guardians of this Time Matrix. The physical plane creation is Harmonic Universe 1 of Dimensions 1-2-3 (also known as Density 1); it has Carbon based biology physical matter. Harmonic Universe 2 of Dimensions 4-5-6 (also known as Density 2); it has Carbon-Silica based biology physical matter. Harmonic Universe 3 of Dimensions 7-8-9 (also known as Density 3); it has Silica based biology Etheric matter. Harmonic Universe 4 of Dimensions 10-11-12 (also known as Density 4); it has Crystalline Liquid-Light based biology Pre-Matter. Harmonic Universe 5 of Dimensions 13-14-15 (also known as Density 5); it has Standing Wave pattern flame or fire body Ante-Matter.


The Energy Matrix and Beyond


Beyond Harmonic Universe 5 is the Energy Matrix which is beyond dimensionalization, and outside of time and space or the Time Matrix. Each one of us (as well as our planet and everything manifest), originally before we enter a Time Matrix, existed in the state of perpetual, eternal Consciousness of Source or God. We came into individualization through a process of stepping down our Consciousness into smaller and smaller packages. We started out as huge and limitless, as we are as one with God as God, I AM THAT I AM. Then, we moved into several levels called the Energy Matrix which is non-dimensionalized, which doesn’t give us any outside perception; it’s a Field of Sound. Then, we went into a Field of Light, getting smaller. Then we came down through 4 other levels of matter density to get where we are here in Density 1 of the 3rd Dimension.


The Path of Surat Shabd Yoga


The Path of Surat Shabd Yoga has been given many names throughout the ages: Inner Light and Sound Meditation, Sant Mat, Path of the Masters, the Quan Yin Method of Meditation, and Path of Divine Light and Sound. The initiate is a microcosm of the macrocosm (Creation). Within each person, there are inner levels that mirror the Levels of Creation. Those on this path travel the microcosm dharmicly in consciousness as soul (or spirit) under the guidance and protection of the Master until the region of pure spirituality is reached and God-Realization is achieved. Dharma is a term that points to the purification and moral transformation of a person.


For the initiates, Self-Realization is attained on Level 3 or Third Heaven, Spirit-Realization is attained on Level 4 or Fourth Heaven, and God-Realization is attained on Level 5 or Fifth Heaven. Attaining Self-Realization or above results in liberation from the cycle of karma and reincarnation while in the physical body. This would be their last lifetime on planet Earth for those initiated on this path.


Each initiate has his/her own pace of spiritual progress, based on many factors. Some initiates might not reach Level 5 while living on Earth. But the Master will continue to guide the initiates in the afterlife until they reach their destination on Level 5.


Once the initiates have attained Level 5 of Consciousness (whether in this life or after death), then they are their own master and are free to move upward (or inward) beyond Level 5 to the higher levels.


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Image shows the planes of Creation according to the Masters

Image Credit: Version of Creation depicted at Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Memorial Site




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