Image of an amazing sparkling blue and white diamond. The Dance Of The Holographic Twin Flames

The Dance Of The Holographic Twin Flames


Holographic twins are a dance of relationship scripts between those of the ancient archetypes of the larger skulls who came to Earth from Sirius. In other writings, Asur’Ana has called them the “Grand Masters”. Those with this archetypal script have a specific relationship dance that is divine. Divine relationship is based on love, honor, unity, respect, freedom, compassion and truth.


Nemesis Patterns of Divine Twins


The divine relationship that was once orchestrated on Earth has been tremendously misdirected. The basic cause of why Divine Twins have no unity-based relationship, but rather destructive sequences of dreams is just being understood. The destructive dream between images is called a nemesis pattern. Nemesis means “Contrast” and if the counterparts in the script are opposed to each other, then only destruction happens. If one loves, the other hates. If one stands in unity, the other goes into patterns of disunity. The hate and the disagreement lead to depression, bereavement, or even the death of the twin. Nemesis patterns also create a sad dance of disagreement between those with ancient Sirian archetype.


Those with the ancient archetypal nature have the key to ascension through fusion. But when there is dissonance and trauma in this dance, it causes an upward movement followed by a downward movement and even shattering a person or a group. The shattering within the nemesis pattern can be so corrosive that it destroys life, the dream or even the body, which leads to illness and then death, if one does not transcend this. Global Nemesis karma is so destructive and corrosive that in the future of humans it can lead to a nuclear war or a great tragedy of many other dark dreams. This also includes the loss of all property, litigation of any kind, and other patterns of disease if they do not take care of the ascension now.


Humanity is now about 3 years away from the encounter of global nemesis karma. Those who are ascending can focus on dissolving this karma, which will cancel and redirect the impending possible ominous outcome of human history. We now focus our attention on the nemesis karma and to understand and forgive divine likenesses and divine twins. All of the nemesis karma is the result of failing to love those who are opposite to us. If we love, it stops being a nemesis, and we integrate the contrast that is mirrored in the dance of life. This will make us whole and complete. We forgive and love the darkness in ourselves as well as in others. This is now part of the upcoming ascension path.


About Divine Twin Flames


Divine twins, as well as their being together, are originally written as a screenplay, create a very special dance of love and light wave synergy. This information now comes through the holographic archives of many dimensions to better assist Earth’s and humanity’s ascension. The realignment on the story of the divine counterpart is part of the reorientation of the Tao to heal the destructive karmic processes, which could lead to 1,000 years of peace. Therefore, as sentient people, we must take responsibility for our destructive history and forgive, so that Earth can be led into a new future and not become extinct.


Theoretically, twins love each other very much, no matter if they are friends, family members, parents, partners or lovers. At an earlier time in the history of the Earth, the dance of the twins was a beautiful but small civilization of people with bigger heads, who lived in peace, unity and love guided by tantric wave movements. The dance of love between twins was magnificent, but then something happened that led to the dance of nemesis. The dance of nemesis is the cause underlying all destructive dances on Earth.


Divine Twins of Relationship


Divine twins of relationship are at the forefront of the whole archetypal wheels in relation to other twins and all other images that form structures of the divine union. Essentially, the divine twins govern the relationship with everyone else relationship dances in the scripts of the twins and replicas of the ancient ones’ holograms. When the divine twins of relationship destroy each other, then all other scripts will fall into similar sequences of dreaming and destroy each other as well. As the divine twins of this nature are broken apart, nemesis relationships or the destroyer in the inside and outside have been set in motion.


Divine twins of relationship define the dance of the partnership based on honor, unity, love, support and freedom within the dance and truth that is maintained through a constant exchange of the energy flow of the divine union. The flow of energy from the divine union is a certain wave motion of light that caresses, hugging everyone in blissful dreams of the world. Relationship fosters everyone within the relationship entire holographic wheel of possibilities for the twins and likenesses.


Divine twins of relationship are very compatible and generally have similar outlook. Generally, they are open-minded and enthusiastic and ready to help others with relationship difficulties. Relationship difficulties can occur in any tribe or community and therefore there is always plenty of work to do to maintain group unity. Divine twins with this nature are generally born within one to five years apart, and often within one to three days difference.


Divine Twins of Harmony


Divine twins of harmony are also very similar in nature. Divine twins of harmony are also very vulnerable and attracted to each other that it is difficult to separate or leave the bedroom when tantric fusion happens. Tantric fusion is a fusion of the energy fields by light waves and tiny strings of light that create a permanent union that lasts about a day, and then dissolves, so everyone has their own unique truth. Tantric fusion helps the relationship to remain in harmony; and when united by all twins in all likenesses, this enables the likenesses to stay in harmony and also the tribe as a whole.


Divine Twins of Nemesis Harmony


Nemesis means opposition. Divine twins of nemesis harmony are harmonic opposites that tune their energies very well, based on unique truths where the strength of one is the other’s weakness, and vice versa. Divine twins of nemesis harmony seldom separate, as they are so harmonious and are in love with each other.


Divine Twins of Nemesis Disharmony


Divine twins of nemesis disharmony are extreme opposites, so much so that they cannot understand each other. The opposites create one splitting into light and dark screenplays, where a twin loves what the other hates, and vice versa. The dance creates a caustic dream of attraction, followed by rejection, followed by attraction, followed by rejection. The rejection can be the heart chakra of one or both twins, that the love implodes, and cause him or her to get sick or die. In the act of transformation, the nemesis twin can be a catalyst for inner growth, and therefore welcome, but not in an intimate union, but maybe as a friend or other types of association.


Divine Twins of Devotion


Divine twins of devotion are two who share the art of mastering devotion. Devotion is a state of being in which the man gives everything to the woman what he is, including the ego and the negative ego, and thus it takes it inside, transforming it and giving it back its truth. Then the woman gives up everything to the man in the same way and also becomes renewed. Those with this nature rarely come together as a couple, but rather are those who act as a means of tantra; and the act of devotion also leads the spiritual mastery. A state of devotion is one changed state in which you let go of patterns of disharmony and then integrate patterns that are more harmonious on the inside leading to an expanded state of consciousness.


Divine Twins of Fusion


Divine twins of fusion are two who merge light synergy to direct the infusion of light and soul between themselves and between all relationships of the tribe’s counterparts. Divine twins of this nature often come together and are the fulcrum of the light movements of the group. Those who don’t create partnership with each other, continue to merge light with the twin within the tribe. Light fusion of the group allows for the clarification of the dissonant tones of creation, the density and also the illumination of the patterns of the individuals and the group, so that they can be transcended, especially in times of the ascension cycle. Soul infusion allows the soul to be present to direct life’s dreams.


Divine Twins of Enlightenment


Divine twins of enlightenment are two who choose to master together, when they come together. Sometimes twins meet with this nature and are together, but sometimes not and they come with a different type of twin or likeness within the holographic wheel of possibilities together. Divine twins of enlightenment seek mastery more than everything else and the championship can be about promotion or evolutionary fulfillment of understanding, forgiveness, karmic dissolution and possibly transfusion into a non-physical state of being. Those of this nature often lead evolution in a tribe.


Divine Twins of Archetypal Nature


Divine twins of archetypal nature guide each other archetypal nature shared by all other twins and images within the holographic wheel of possibilities. Archetypal natures are defined by the scripts of the divine twins of the relationship. Archetypal natures are the result of the genetic mixture of materials in a particular tissue, which then introduces a certain dream of self-expression into the dance of life’s calling. Every expression of self aligns itself with a wheel of the ways in which all truths are anchored within the tribe. Essentially, the divine twins lead the archetypal nature of truth in everyone within the tribe. Often this twin joins with another twin or likeness in a relationship together.


Divine Twins of Fulfillment


Divine twins of fulfillment, and when they come together, promote the fulfillment of every expression within the tribe. Every truth has expressions that have many facets and are beautiful, no matter if they are music, art, dance, love, medicine, tantra or spiritual ceremony. In times of the ancient ones, the group shared a beautiful dance of expression, created and celebrated their existence on Earth. Divine twins of fulfillment often come in divine relationships with other twins or images together.


Divine Twins of Ecstatic Union


Divine twins of ecstatic union hold the room for vibrations of deep gratitude, sincerity, service, love, truth, unity and peace within and without and radiate the corresponding waves within the tribe. Those with this nature rarely come together but they often unite in divine relationships with other twins or replicas. This type of divine twin enhances unity relationships at the deepest level and often helps others in crisis as a kind of healer, medicine man or medicine woman.


Divine Twins of Synergy


Divine twins of synergy combine the light waves in synergetic movements of the couples, families and tribes and also between the tribes in every region. Those with this nature sometimes come together, but not always and this type of twin can partner with many others, having twins and likenesses in the dance of life. The twins of synergy combine the energy flow of the whole tribe in synergetic vibrational bandwidths that maintain peace and unity.




There are many types of divine twins, and each plays a significant role in the history of the archetypal nature of the ancients and how individuals and the group have flowed in unity and harmony. All these twins are in nemesis patterns and with each other over time, with enormously difficult structures that are incredibly complex in their relationships in the physical.


The nemesis pattern between twins of divine relationship lead to destruction in a larger scale than one can imagine. For example, if twins of synergy movements are competing with twins of harmony movements, then the synergy and harmony for them and the entire tribe or group is lost, which leads to disharmony and conflict. When the twins are in competition with the relationship twins of fulfillment, then relationships of all types will not to be fulfilling. When the twins of fusion are in competition with the twins of enlightenment, then extinction will be the result, since evolutionary fulfillment is no longer possible.


We’ll talk more about nemesis relationships in the following chapters. Until then, we leave you with these thoughts in fusion language. Be well, be free, be in your truth and be in the flow of synergy and be in love. Namaste.


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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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