Image of the majestic Cetaceans swimming in the ocean in a paradise on Gaia. The Cetaceans' Memories of Ancient Humans

The Cetaceans’ Memories Of Ancient Humans


The Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings are known as the Q’iquoq’i, [pronounced khi’-ee-KWO-khi’-ee]. The Q’iquoq’i can share with humans about the ancient worlds of Mu and Atlantis because they hold all of the records of our ancestors in their consciousness—individually, and as a collective. They can enter the libraries of Earth using sound keys to unlock the vibratory frequencies stored in their cellular memory. These majestic Cetaceans release those vibratory signatures into the acoustic water waves that surround them, and then can gaze upon the pictures of the nostalgic Gaian experience.


There, in those holographic images where time dissolves in the waves, the dolphins and whales are capable of accessing all the codes of those memories played back for them as their species’ collective memory. They can be as consciously present in that experience, reliving the great continent of Atlantis or the lands of Mu, as their ancestors did, just as clearly as they can be here with us in this present time that we understand as now. They are truly time travelers of the Universe.


Our Ancestors Revered the Whales and Dolphins


The Cetaceans have been on Gaia before the beginning of time. They have been the guardians of the Ocean Song ever since, watching our civilizations rise and fall, like tides of the eternal sea.


They wish to recount of the ancient times of great harmony between humankind and all living beings who share the planet. In those times of glorious peace, our ancestors revered and celebrated the whales and dolphins, raising the vibration of the Earth to such a wondrous pitch that conscious beings from other planetary homes within and beyond our solar system were drawn to explore the amazing vibrations that the Cetaceans sent into the Cosmic Sea from the Earth Station.


Our magnificent human ancestors were as comfortable in the oceans as they were on the earth, for they were completely attuned to the heartbeat of the Great Mother. They knew no fear because they did not kill. They knew no limitation because they linked with the soul essence in all beings. They communicated with the spirit kingdoms, honoring them in every way. They played with the spirit guardians of the seas and the spirits played back. 


The ancient ones were always aware of their connection to the star beings who openly guided them at that hour of human evolution. The star beings called out to the Cosmos, to the bio-architects of other worlds, who chose the Garden of Eden to nest humankind, the Chosen Ones, who all hoped would be birthed as a race of pure light walking. Without them, humanity would most likely never have been seeded in the warmth of Gaia’s embrace.


The Dolphins and Whales Celebrated Our Ancestors


The Cetaceans witnessed the birth of our ancient ancestors on Gaia. They described the monumental occasion, “In the hour of your birthing, your eyes were as bright as the sun on the sea, shining with the illumination that comes from the blissful awareness of one’s own divinity.”


They celebrated our ancestors with new melodies and songs played across the heartstrings of Gaia that sang of the new race that had been born to the Great Mother, to serve as her guardians across time.


The dolphins and whales taught our ancestors how to feel sound before sound and how to interpret the music of the Deep.


Ancient humans embraced the Q’iquoq’i, in moments of great expansion in consciousness over the course of our evolution as the human race. They could swim great distances and spend intense hours with the whales and dolphins in their habitats. They could see sounds, like their oceanic brothers and sisters. They could see the sounds before sound of hearts swelling; they could understand the Cetaceans “speak”, although language was not needed. They simply linked minds and hearts and drank from the cup of universal wisdom that united all.


When We Lived as One


Can you imagine this ancestral Earth—so very long ago, when all living beings were surrounded by the harmonious sounds of the kingdoms of Gaia? Can you imagine a world without war, without disease and without suffering? Can you conceptualize that state of being at peace with all things, with all living creatures?


Yet, that state of bliss is held in the experiential patterns of Gaian memory. The song of the Earth as she was in the springtime of her days is contained within her crystalline fields, memorized within each point, each cluster and all the mineral layers of her form.


Imagine a time, a place, a vibration of immense light and harmony, where peace marked the proportions of sound, light and vibration in the fields of the living.


It is a world that you simply cannot forget. Such was the high civilization of Atlantis, at the onset of humanity’s birthing. Another, at the other face of Planet Ocean was Mu, or the land of Lemuria. But there were others. There were many other countless civilizations that have long ago slipped into the oceans.


You can create the vision in your mind and take yourself to the exquisite lands of Mu or to early Atlantis, a time of incredible wonder, when open communications were enjoyed between many species and where human beings and Q’iquoq’i shared their lives, openly, in the sea. You can relive those memories if you can unlock the cells of dormant memory that lie coded within you.


Human, then, was of the heart-centered consciousness and had the ability to feel consciousness within all living beings: from the rocks and crystals of the mineral kingdom, libraries of Gaian history; to the awesome trees and soft grasses of the valleys; to the majestic creatures of the land and the seas.


For a long time, there was no waste from humanity’s side and everything flowed in perfect synchronicity. The air was so pure that to breathe it was ecstatic in its own right.


Our ancestors and the Cetaceans were inseparable then, at the time of great expansion in human consciousness, when humankind understood its place in the greater environment of the living.


They wish to leave us with the following memories of ancient humans:


“We lived as One. We shared the love codes of music through the heart: heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul. We cared for your young and you cared for ours, and all the space between and within us was recognized as sacred. From the shores of the Atlantean continent, to the distant land of Mu, we brought you together, transcending the great distances that separated you.


“All the while, we, the Q’iquoq’i of Earth, were committed to the goddess Gaia. Holding her precious waters in the purity of the eternal light, we were loving you—delighting in you. We watched you grow from the seed to the great light beings that you were, walking the earth, swimming the seas.


“We were amazed by you: in awe of you. So filled with light, you were as gods to us then. So wise, so gentle, so great were you, we wanted to be close to you, and still we long for you.


“We long to return to you. We long to return to the love we have shared with you.”




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