Image shows magnificent landscape of the beauty of nature.

The Beauty Of Nature


The magic of Nature cannot ever be fully captured in its divine magnificent splendor. It must be felt with the heart.


As humanity awakens to the realization that we are only GUESTS on this beautiful planet, a divine understanding is ignited in the hearts of humankind. When we strive to live harmoniously and sustainably as One, humanity sets a template igniting and catapulting the planet into the new Age of Light.


Return to Nature


Mother Earth invites us to be one with her again, and to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, the Indigenous People. Our ancestors knew the land as part of themselves, who lived with Nature, honored and revered her bounty, and who learned from her, always using her own way to grow crops, and never forcing her to work against herself.


Spend time communing out of doors in all seasons, for through the beauty of Nature, inner keys and filaments are ignited and activated, assisting us in our healing and movement forward on the New Earth, creating betterment for all. When you spend time sitting with the trees and walking in the woods, you will notice the life force returning to you, invigorating you and balancing your emotional body.


Nature is a great antidote for society’s ills, and it’s free for all to receive. The trees are majestic Beings, and they wait for you to recognize them also as the stewards of the land, always giving you the oxygen you need, and absorbing the pollutants you create. 


The trees have been waiting eons to have humans reconnect to them again. Talk to them, and they will listen. They are yearning to communicate with us, yearning to feel our touch and embrace us in their love and energy.


Nature Holds Codes and Keys


Nature holds the codes and keys to the gateway of higher cosmic knowledge. As we spend time in Nature, we respond to an inner coding, creating a high vibrational frequency that aligns us with our true remembrance of Self and deeper understanding of Source.


As you cradle yourself in the arms of Nature, you receive divine coding and downloads that support your mission and journey on this planet. As you embrace the crown glory of Nature, a whole new tapestry presents, assisting you in resolving any questions or perplexities that may have eluded you for years. As you bless and respect the Earth, you receive coded filaments, supporting your journey on this plane.


Have you ever allowed yourself to spend the day in Nature and bask in the energies of the Divine which emanates from the ocean, the trees, the mountains, the hills, the rivers? For those of us who have, we know the feeling that permeates our consciousness. We feel the peace and Oneness, the calm, the centeredness. Nature was created by God-Source to hold the codes and keys to the Awakening Soul, to nourish and heal us.


Live in Harmony with Nature


Live in harmony with Nature, each and every day, for every species on the planet serves a purpose in the Divine Plan. They mirror back to us all we need to see, supplying us with guidance on our journey. The essence of Nature touches the deepest aspect of our original core blueprint, back to the beginning of time before our flame was separate from the Source.


The trees, flowers, animals, ocean and land have messages for us. As we see the Spark of God in ALL living things, we awaken to the higher dimensional frequency of who we are and our soul emerges, shining light and awakening others.


Through our energetic connection with the Earth, we set templates to anchor in higher light form. As we do so, we strengthen the Planetary Bridge and Crystalline Cosmic Grid, becoming a precious link in the Ascension process of the planet.




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