Image of the stairway leading to heaven. Terra Ha

Terra Ha


Terra Ha is the next higher dimension above 3D Earth, or Terra Firma.


The Fourth Dimension of Terra Ha is actually a Universe more than a Planet. It is a place that allows Freedom of Travel throughout the Universe. There will be thousands of starships using Earth as the HUB of the Universe.


Turning into Light


You are working to transform the old version of who you are. You are working to leave those old versions of yourself behind. Turning into Light means leaving your old self behind. When you move into the chariot of fire with your Soul, you will then decide who you want to be in the future. You will decide how old you want to be, what creative expression you will take on, which artistic journey you want to take.


It is good to think about these things before you move into the light transformation process because many of those who say they have been in Terra Ha are seeing an altered version of exactly who they were in Terra Firma. If that is their experience in Terra Ha, it is because they did not place a lot of effort into creating their new reality before they left Earth.


Terra Ha will be in the harmonic realms of neon lights and singing plants, rocks, trees, and choirs of the entire neighborhood. This place of Terra Ha can actually be anything that we desire it to be. However, it is important to put some thought into what reality you want it to be before you go. It is helpful to discuss these realities with your Soul before you go. 


When we reach this level, we have the opportunity to move fully into the light that becomes God’s Chariot of Fire. That Chariot of Fire is the sphere that spins us into oneness with all of the light of God, and that is when we can choose to move to Terra Ha.


Turning into light, then watching the body be covered with the substance of joy, and watching reality take on a neon glow and then popping forth into a reality where there is a landscape of freedom, where there is movement between the planets, and this great gift box is opened that says choose which ever planet you want to live on. And of course, you can change your mind and move to a different planet any time you want to.


The process of turning into light takes about twenty-four hours, and it is the most glorious experience known in the Universe. Every cell in the body begins to giggle, then there is a laughter in the body, the cells begin to sing, and the entire body lights up with a feeling of bliss that is beyond the light spectrum of this dimension.


The beings will then begin to see a new color spectrum beginning with Neon Light. The new reality of Terra Ha contains freedom to travel from one planet to another because of the new Galactic Citizenship.


Fourth Dimensional Vision


The other event to look forward to is gaining more and more of the fourth dimensional vision that allows you to see the spaceships and the Beings who are already living on Earth but in the fourth dimension. We will grow into becoming to see the others on Earth. We will already be accustomed to a large part of the fourth dimension before we blip into light and appear fully in the fourth dimension. The sensations of the body and of knowingness will expand in unknown ways until there is a readiness for living in a wonder world full of neon lights where we turn our bodies into an Orb and travel from one Planet to the next effortlessly.


The third dimension limits what colors we can see because it is more dense. In the fourth dimension the colors are brighter, more neon looking; they will be more diverse because your eye sight will be a greater kind of expanded vision.


When in the fourth dimension, like in every dimension, fully living in and out from oneness with the All-ness of God, one’s life will be wonderful and marvelous. The less one is living in and out from oneness with the All-ness of God, the less wonderful and marvelous one’s life will be.


First Contact      


The order of events of the Ascension were November 2016 when the 12 Ascension Portals of Mary Magdalene were opened and ready for operation. The Original Ones landed in 2017. In 2018, many battles with demons of darkness were fought to keep the Ascension Portals clear. The Ascension Portals attached Earth into the New Earth and prepared a funnel all of the way through the Earth for starships to fly through the Earth into the new time of their ascension.


Next, the Original Ones will stay on Earth for a while to help us with our Ascension. The next event that must happen is the Original Ones must negotiate treaties and citizenship contracts. The Original Ones must negotiate agreement for First Contact before First Contact may begin.


They will be the ones who confront all of the governments of the world and the Galaxy about becoming Universal Citizens. There have been many who have been having these Galactic and World meetings with governments for several years. However, the First Contact agreement will be initiated by the Ones who are on their Ascension path.


God’s Harmonious Music


God’s Music was always the Harmony of the Universe. The Harmony of God is in tune within Himself and with all things. It is as it was, and He is still the greatest musician as he moves out and harmonizes with the Universe that you all created with him. The more in tune we become with the Harmony of God, the faster we move into more and more of His Musical Creation. Those in the fourth dimensional Terra Ha experience all of the plants, flowers, water, rocks, atmosphere singing unto themselves as all of their songs harmonize once again with their surroundings and those who are singing with them.


If a flower is tuned in to God, it will sing. If a rock is tuned into God, it will sing. What is wonderful about the realms that are less dense is the harmonic structure allows the flowers, rocks and water to all sing together because their harmonic structure is always connecting.


Revelations and the Ascension


This time of 2012 – 2022 has placed us in the chapter of Revelations in the old Bible, and it is time for the corrected Bible to appear on this planet before Earth is completely evacuated in the years ahead. The third dimensional Earth we call Terra Firma will continue to be the home of those who do not rise into the frequencies of the fourth dimensional Earth called Terra Ha. As we move individually or collectively into the Terra Ha dimension of Gaia, who is the Soul of Earth (Terra Firma), there will be many who return to the Oversoul and decide to either stay in the Oversoul, return to Terra Firma, or go to Terra Ha.


When Revelations was written, there were many in this Universe who strongly believed that the original prophecy of the PROMISE OF THE PERFECT KINGDOM could never be fulfilled. The Mary Magdalene Team, including our Father God, made a plan long before Mary Magdalene returned to Earth to make sure the plan of the three demonic races taking over the Earth by moving into the Ascension Portals would not be allowed to take place.


Angela Barnett is the female aspect of the Soul of Mary Magdalene, and Joe Barnett is the male aspect of the Soul of Mary Magdalene. Joe allowed the three demons to possess his Soul before the Barnett’s opened the first Portal. God went into Joe’s body and took Joe’s Soul and the demons back to the Oversoul. When God did this, He was taking the entire demonic consciousness out of Earth completely.


The removal of this darkness from the Earth’s inner consciousness together with the creation and the opening of the twelve Ascension Portals into a new timeline where Nibiru never existed, will now allow the original structure of Aramatena, Lyra and Vega to appear where Nibiru once stood.


The entire book of Revelations presented a possibility of two things happening. It prophesied Nibiru ending the existence of any type of future freedom for those on Earth, or the new beginning within a pyramid that has four faces, and each face of this structure allows Earth a new Eternal Design of a new reality within the Heart of the Universal Structure.


That symbolic pyramid with four faces actually represents the Grids of Earth. The Cosmic Grid Keepers have always kept the Grids aligned with the God Source Energy that allows God’s Consciousness to become the energy Source of the planet. This idea of infinite energy from within the structure of Earth, herself, was shown to us by one called Tesla. This man was chosen by God and His Angels to present this idea of Tesla energy about one hundred years ahead of when humankind would fully enjoy the return of the complete God Energy through the Grids themselves. What Tesla was able to demonstrate was only a speck of this Energy that flows from the Grids.


This new fourth dimensional design allows the consciousness of those on Terra Firma to move up into Terra Ha. The possibility of the dark version of Revelations is always a possibility for anyone who wants it because God will always allow freedom of choice for all of His Children. Those who make the choice to Turn into Light and move to Terra Ha exists now. The choice to die, go to the Oversoul, stay there as long as you want to, and then return to Earth or to Terra Ha also exists now. The choice of dying, going to the Oversoul and never leaving the Oversoul also exists.




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