Image shows a pile of rocks to symbolize that power comes from discipline.

Taoist Guide To The Infinite Self: Power Comes From Discipline


The journey toward the Infinite Self is one of discipline. It isn’t an easy journey.


In his profoundly life changing book, Infinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power, Stuart Wilde choreographed the mysteries of life into a series of practical steps to help us become masters of ourselves. He explains that the spiritual journey is a tough one because it’s the journey wherein you’re going to disempower the ego from its control in your life. This involves discipline.


How much discipline you can impose upon yourself is up to you. At the beginning you need enormous amounts because the mind is tough. Later on, you can forgo quite a lot of the disciplines, because by then you will have gotten into absolute control of your mind and your emotions. You will have a very strong sense of that infinity within you, so the disciplines can be eased off.


But without discipline, you really don’t have much of a chance. Discipline is something you take on joyously and willingly because you know it raises your energy and quiets the mind.


The Ego


The world of the ego is one of discomfort, restrictions, negativity, glamour and illusions. You have to struggle to keep it happy.


The ego is naturally resistant to letting go. It wants to hold on to its sense of power and to dominate your life and the lives of others. It needs to control because it feels insecure.


The ego tells itself terrible lies. It constantly seeks to make itself important. It wants things for nothing. It wants reassurance. It needs attention. It is always seeking to gratify itself.


It’s not surprising that we become victims of the ego. The ego feels insecure, so it’s constantly trying to ameliorate that insecurity, looking for experiences or things that will make it feel better. But everything we do to keep the ego happy only serves as a temporary respite. We can’t control the ego by keeping it happy. We can only win back control of our life via discipline and going beyond the ego’s inherent weakness.


Real Power is Within


There’s an enormous power of goodness inside you. It is the infinite power that flows from your connection to Source or the God Force. You have the power if you will accept an infinite perception and if you start to see yourself in that way.


We don’t need to push or force things to get what we want. Most of the power we have is internal. As we garner power via self-discipline, we can pull to us all that we need. Rather than pushing to sell things, pushing to tell people about the product, service, or knowledge that we’re selling, just allow them to come to us. It’s so much easier when we allow life to come to us. In pushing, we tend to move things away from us.


True power, true knowledge and the ability to embrace the Infinite Self to transcend this physical plane and peer into the higher dimensions come only from discipline.


The Discipline of Meditation


Centering the mind is vital in the discovery of the Infinite Self. Without mental discipline and control, life is chaotic and involves endless struggles.


Centering the mind is a discipline you perform in the waking state as well as the meditative state. In the waking state, it’s mostly a matter of training yourself to observe life rather than react to it. Learn to become an observer of life and an observer of self.


Become a silent observer of life and a compassionate observer of yourself. You are not your body, your mind, your emotions, or your personality and its ego. These are only a part of what you are. You’re a divine energy that is evolving, operating through the complexities of body, mind and emotions to comprehend itself as an Eternal Spirit.


Centering the mind takes us to the meditative state. You can’t really reach the infinity within you without meditation and contemplation.


By taking on a meditative discipline, you’re establishing control over yourself, your mind and your emotions. You’re affirming that you are an infinite being who is in charge of your life, not your ego.


Through the discipline of meditation you liberate yourself. My favorite meditation to reconnect to the Infinite Self and disciplining the mind is the Inner Light Meditation . I hope that you’ll give it a try. : )


The Discipline of Peacefulness


Many of us don’t see calmness or peacefulness as a discipline, but in today’s fast-paced world we have to work hard to accomplish stillness and quiet time on our own. Activity feeds the personality with gratification, and it makes the ego feel important. Quiet time, calmness and silence disempower the ego and bring out the inner you.


Find some quiet time each day by turning off the computer and the TV, unplug the phone, play soft music, or remain in silence for fifteen minutes or more if you can. Stillness and quiet are the way to commune with your inner self.


Physical Discipline


With physical discipline, we understand that our body is a manifestation of that infinity within us. This means that we need to take loving care of our body. We can find ways to heal our body, to refresh it and to expand its capacity to absorb the new power we are creating by embracing the Infinite Self. We have to make it ready to accept the power. Otherwise, the God Force can burn us if we’re not ready. We also need the physical discipline to calm the emotions and control the ego.


We suggest that you take the body into some kind of nutritional discipline. One of the easiest ways of controlling the ego is not giving it the things it craves. Discipline means moving from a diet that is ego-related, unhealthy and dysfunctional, to a lighter and healthier vegetarian or vegan diet.


Disciplines Reveal the Multidimensional Nature of the Physical Plane


The journey from the ego to the Infinite Self involves wrestling the ego into stillness. Your meditation, disciplines, quiet time and introspection are vital components. Without those, it’s very hard to get the ego to back off and allow you to feel your spirituality. That spirituality is awe-inspiring. It’s enormous and has vast energy and power, vast amounts of information.


Your meditation and disciplines begin to show you the true multidimensional nature of this physical reality. As you embrace the Infinite Self, it will show you things that you have never seen before. Sometimes they are simple things like the spaces between the leaves of a tree or the silence between words in conversations. Sometimes it shows you profound experiences, like the doorway between this physical world and the higher dimensional world. Your inner and outer selves melt into oneness, and the outer reality changes to reflect the peacefulness of the inner you.


You will ask a question, and a truck will pass by with an advertisement for toothpaste glued on its side. The text of the ad will answer your question. Life becomes a symbol of the inner you, a part of that dynamic interactive dialogue with everything around you. The Infinite Self is there to guide and teach you, to lead you on to more and more wisdom. But discipline is vital, because you cannot begin to wrestle the ego into submission without discipline.




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