Image shows an inner path of a forest to symbolize that God is within us.

Taoist Guide To The Infinite Self: God Is Within


Tao Te Ching


Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu has influenced my spiritual understanding and journey to enlightenment. I like the beautiful simplicity of the Tao. It is not a religion, but rather a spiritual and philosophical idea. It makes suggestions rather than offering dogma, regulations and hierarchies.


The first four lines of the Tao Te Ching:


The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao

The name that can be named is not the eternal name

The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth

The named is the mother of myriad things


The God Force


The Tao represents the Source or the God Force. The Source, the Infinite Self, the Christ Consciousness, the God Force, the Tao, the Buddhahood are all names for the same Eternal Essence. It runs through all things; it’s everywhere, so it has no definitions.


We can’t really understand the Tao or the Infinite Self intellectually; it’s beyond the mind. The only way to comprehend it is through heightened awareness and feeling.


The Tao is timeless and eternal and has no definition. It is the essence of all things. It sustains all evolution; it’s the underlying beauty that comes from the grace of Source flowing through all things.


The God Force runs through all things. It is the unifying power for everything that exists.


The God Force is omnipresent, meaning it’s everywhere, it can’t be defined. It is the “nameless” from which everything flows. If the God Force is omnipresent, it must also be God, because God is everywhere. The God Force and God must be one and the same.


God is Within: Reclaiming Your Inner Power


Obviously, if the God Force is everywhere, it must be within you. But most people either have no concept of God at all, or they externalize God, creating a God outside themselves.


The God Force is within. Internalize that God Force and accept that it is flowing through you. When you perceive God as a force outside of you, you can’t really use its energy properly. Once you internalize the force, then you can move to actually feeling the God Force inside of you. At that point, a truly awesome power of perception and goodness enters your life.


You are the God Force within. God or Source is within you. That’s the first step in reclaiming your inner power.


The concept of God outside you disempowers you, because what you’re saying is, “I don’t have a command of my destiny.” This means that you don’t believe you can create energy and make a difference. You can’t get action oriented and change your destiny.


Accepting Your Circumstances


The second move in this process is to respect the evolution you find yourself in, which means accepting where you find yourself. Fighting against or bemoaning your circumstances is not being productive.


To become a spiritual warrior and to honor the God Force within, you will agree to accept circumstances as you find them. Almost everything can be improved and that things can change. The infinity inside you, that part of you that is God, loves and respects this human evolution of yours, even if the circumstances of your life right now may be less than perfect. All these things are a part of your evolution. You can transcend and go beyond them.


What you can’t change, you probably don’t need to change. In this simple and courageous act of acceptance, you begin an instantaneous healing process.


I Am God


Obviously, if the God Force is within, then you are God. I am One with God. I AM THAT I AM. At first glance, the idea seems egotistical. But you are internalizing the idea, accepting that the God Force is within you as a spiritual feeling.


The concept of I Am God is the same as realizing that you are your Infinite Self which says, “I am eternal. I am beyond the definitions of the ego. I am beyond death. So, therefore, I will gradually go beyond fear. Fear has no place in eternity and infinity.”


By internalizing the God Force, you begin to comprehend that the God Force within you can be expressed outwards, meaning that the Source or the force of spirit can be directed by you in any direction you wish, in order to change your life for the better.


The Infinite Self


To truly comprehend and embrace the Infinite Self within, we first have to release from the ego’s somewhat tight, limited perception and accept our true spiritual power. When we are ready to release and detach and let go, we gain everything.


Tossing out definitions of high, low, good and bad is the first step toward grasping the indefinable nature of the Infinite Self.


As you expand your heart and go past your resistance to letting go, you comprehend yourself as an omnipresent, eternal being—one that dwells in a multidimensional state, timeless and eternal. You existed before you came to the earth plane in the third dimension, you exist now in a physical form, and you will exist after you leave the earth plane.


We are eternal and infinite. We are everywhere and nowhere. We dwell in the realm of Spirit.


The Interconnection of Everything


Once we’ve internalized the God Force, and we accept that we are a part of an infinite Source energy that is all things, it follows that we are connected to all things.


Thus, we are connected to everything because we are the God Force.


As we embrace the Infinite Self by internalizing the God Force, we begin to see how the universal law of Source is trying to take us by the hand, guide us, show us things and lead us on.


By giving the infinity within us credence, we empower it to come into our life.




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