Image shows the yin and yang symbol in pale gold and silver to signify free flow.

Taoist Guide To The Infinite Self: Free And Flow


We are not our physical body, mind, emotions, beliefs, nationality, gender or religion. We are an infinite being that is borrowing a body from the Source. We came to the third dimension to experience life and to transcend.


We are all eternal and infinite. All events on the earth plane, positive or negative, are just part of our journey from ego to Spirit.


Once we accept the infinity within us, life becomes sacred. In embracing our spiritual journey, we live a life that is true and meaningful. It takes us from the world of ego, glamour and illusion, into the spirituality of Nature and the Infinite Self.


Spirituality is having the Tao in our heart. It is to embrace the beauty and sacredness of life, to embrace the little things, to embrace the softness and the silence, the yin. It’s the process of becoming an invisible person. 


Go with the Flow


In your spiritual journey, it is wise to practice the art of letting go and allowing life to enter into the spontaneous dynamic of free-flow. This means less structure, more trust, surrendering and taking life as you find it, rather than trying to force it into a preconceived pattern.


The ego is naturally resistant to letting go. It wants to hold on to its sense of power and to dominate your life and the lives of others. It needs to control because it feels insecure.


However as a spiritual being, trust is vital to the journey. In the dynamic, exhilarating world of the Infinite Self, you are flying blind. You are in the flow. You are only going to see a few yards in front of you. Everything becomes beautifully spontaneous.


On the spiritual path, there are no guarantees. It’s futile to seek one. The only exception is energy. If you have energy, that’s your guarantee. If you don’t have energy, you’ll become imbalanced and things will start coming at you.


In going with the flow, allow yourself to become vulnerable. Be courageous and enter into the intense spiritual beauty of moving and flowing without necessarily knowing which way to go or how you’ll get there.


Trust in the Infinite Self


In embracing the Infinite Self, we gradually learn to trust our inner guidance.


You can sense inner guidance by opening your heart to what Spirit is telling you. Follow the feelings coming from your heart in any given situation. It doesn’t matter so much what is logical; what matters most is asking what feels right. Once you have decided what feels right, move into that direction cautiously; watch for any inconsistencies and problems, and adjust your actions accordingly.


If an idea is right, it will be empowered by your Infinite Self, and things will flow. If it isn’t right, you may have to adapt a little. But if that doesn’t work and nothing flows, take it as a sign that the idea is not aligned with the Infinite Self, or that you do not have enough energy to pull it off, or that the time isn’t right.


As we start to trust, our Infinite Self will lead us graciously, step-by-step. It will take us to the next experience, the next person, the next place, for our continued spiritual growth. The Infinite Self knows everything and can guide us in any situation because It is everywhere.


If we follow along correctly, we soon find out that our inner guidance is always right. Gradually we develop enough confidence in the prompting of Spirit to allow it to become our only guide in life.


Detach to be Free


In embracing the Infinite Self, we gradually learn to detach.


In the eternal Tao, there is no good and evil; there are no ups and downs. There is high energy that sets people free and expresses love, and there’s low energy that restricts, controls and manipulates people. All is only energy. There are no absolutes and no judgments in the grace of the Source.


We can never be free until we disengage. So, allow life to flow as we find it. The way it is, is the way it is.


Remember the teaching of the Tao: nothing is good or bad, long or short, hot or cold. Once we accept and disengage, we’re free.      


Arguing, fighting, criticizing and judging lock us into the ego’s world, denying us access to the infinite world. Through embracing calmness and peacefulness, we disengage from the disturbance of the collective emotions. This helps us to go deep within to realize our inner Self.


See this precious planet, this life and yourself as beautiful. Know and trust that all is well with the world.


Look at the world and be content. See it as eternal and understand that you don’t have to push against the way it is. If you don’t like things, walk away.


When you are ready to detach and release, you gain everything.


Everything you have is in the care of the Divine Source. Everything is transient. Nothing is permanent on this earth plane. Use things, enjoy them, be grateful and give thanks, and when you’re finished with them, release them. Let them go. Then you’re free.


Enjoy your relationships while you can. They may last a lifetime; they may not. Enjoy the place you are in while you can. It may last a lifetime; it may not. Enjoy the job you’re in, and know that when things change, they change to help you. They change to liberate you, taking you to a different place, a higher level of energy. Don’t hold on, and don’t worry about things coming and going.


By holding on to nothing, you have everything.


Planet Earth’s Evolution Moves Forward


Once you see the world as energy and you see yourself as energy, you automatically write a different evolution for yourself.


You are in the flow. You are in the arms of the Source. You are the Source. Never forget that.


Our planet’s evolution is wrapped into one consciousness. We can call this collective consciousness the Ocean of Love; we are tiny drops of water within that Ocean of Consciousness. If I evolve, it helps you. If you evolve, it helps me.


As consciousness flows and spreads out, it changes people. We all wake up, and the evolution of this planet moves forward. We are all pushing energy in the same direction, trying to create a more loving, more conscious, freer society for everyone. It is the journey back to God-Source.




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