Image of the full moon shining over a quiet lavender landscape. Tao Report for Lore Fables

Tao Report for Lore Fables


Most of you are reversing your fate at this time. This is needed as the old fates no longer apply due to difficulties in the lore fables of mastery. Many are choosing for Baba lore fables in lieu of Yogananda fables ahead. The lore fate change cascades a new destiny, pallet (light grid center), keys and dreams for the future possibilities one is to live ahead. The change may or may not be comfortable within. Many conflictive emotions may arise until each finds an accord with the new fable of fate. The fables are chosen by the Dao and Tao within who witness the best possible realization dream for oneself ahead.


There are nine Baba lore to be chosen from by one’s Dao and Tao within for your futures ahead. This is a brief overview. Full length essays will be spoken unto ahead. There are those also reversing into Yogananda Lore fables that are undamaged but more fully spoken unto in Section 2 “Yogananda Tales of the Heart”.


Overview of the Five Baba Mastery Lore Fables in Light Wave 5


1. The Rose


The Rose fable fosters a blossoming of self into creative projects. Some Rose scripts lead to divine beloveds in life and others do not. The Rose is a beautiful mastery fable of the one who aspires to be beautiful within and project the beauty without. The beautiful within attracts a twin union lore fable if a journey of the two is a part of the script of fate for the life. The Rose is of the rose ray in light motion systems of self of deep care of the heart. The Rose lore fable often triggers the desire to witness or give birth unto a child in a trilogy accolade of self.


2. The Lion’s Mane


The Lion’s Mane lore is one akin to the Chariot in major arcana lore. The Lion’s Mane is an accolade of dreaming for the group or Ashram endeavors through time. The Lion’s Mane lore can foster partnership but not always depending upon fate keys through time. The Lion’s Mane lore is a rainbow hue of all rays to unison into the group fostering of harmony of each associated. The destiny of the Lion’s Mane is Dao and Tao driven for the whole and requires deeper surrender within to foster in the life.


3. The Raven


The Raven fable fosters a blossoming into the truth of the Tao within. Truth is expressed in many endeavors in the physical including scientific projects that support transformation or healing, healing endeavors of fate keys, or teaching endeavors from a point of truth of the Tao within. The Raven is a mastery level of fate amongst those of the yellow ray syncopation of light of divine perception. The Raven rarely manifests a twin union lore fable but can manifest a counterpart mate if the destiny is chosen for within by one’s Dao. Children can be a part of the lore but not always.


4. The Rabbit


The Rabbit lore fable is one of fostering union within. Union within enters on the blue ray of divine ordering of self. Divine ordering fosters the lives of self and others to align into harmonious purposes together. Sometimes the divine purpose is of a community of others or Ashram of spiritual systems of self. Sometimes the divine purpose is an alignment of families of deep care of each offspring such as in a school happenstance of fate. The Rabbit script rarely is of single happenstance of life through time due to the need to align the clan.


5. The Eagle


The lore of the Eagle is one of a planetary project. The planetary project is one of the Dao and Tao of the Earth to foster through a deep level of surrender unto the needs of the whole. The Eagle is a significant character on a global scale that oscillates the notions of divine understanding to foster compassion between leaders and between nations. The Eagle is less common of a Baba Lore than other notions above. The Eagle Lore fosters planetary synthesis with a host of resources of angelic, mushroom, consensus, dragon and demon associations. The Eagle is a full spectrum mastery in the physical in rays of physical and nonphysical rainbow hues. The surrender of the role of the Eagle is immense within.


Overview of the Four Baba Mastery Lore Fables in a Future Volume


1. The White Elephant


The White Elephant fable is akin to the Fool arcana and fosters one who attempts the impossible and succeeds. The impossible aligns dreams in magical moments for self and others through time. The White Elephant script leads to large life changes including relocation and renunciation of family and friends and a new life to unfold with others that are resonant with the new purpose about to unfold. The White Elephant script can lead to twin unions but not always. The White Elephant lore is fostered in the peach ray of sustenance of self.


2. The Swan


The Swan lore is one of discovering the love of the love within and externalizing it into a partnership of the divine. The partnership first is mastered with the Dao and Tao within and then accolades into a counterpart lore fable union if the destiny key allows for this. The Swan lore is a mesmerizing journey of the birth of the love of the love within. The Swan lore is fostered in the blue ray of hope of self. The Swan lore can include the birth of a child if the fate keys are destined for this purpose.


3. The Stork


The Stork lore is one of a dreamer of fate. The dreamer of fate fosters the dreams of self to accolade into achievements of the divine for themselves. Stork lore can foster spiritual aptitude of healers or medicine men or women through time. Some in Stork lore may persevere at other artistic endeavors of delight to self and others including music, dance, sculpture or other creations of enjoyment. The Stork can spawn partnership but not always. The Stork is fostered in the lavender hue of creative self-expression.


4. The Star


The Lore of the Star is one of transfusion. Transfusion is an action of light synthesis that fosters all rays within and in the life. The rays of a syncopated striation lead to one who masters deep compassionate action in all acts of life. The compassionate action is one of a Saint who fosters truth of compassion for the whole. The Star is less activated as a role at this time except amongst those reversing the entire life script upon Earth. The Star is a non-oscillation of anything other than Tao and Dao fate in the life.


Reversals and Lore Changes



Many arcanas of fate have been damaged in recent years. Those fostering reversals into other lore fables need to do so to allow life dreams to begin to align again. In ascertaining which lore that you may need to reverse out of, another script of fate can begin to be fulfilled upon. There are many lore changes underway due to the damage that might be to the fate of the planet otherwise. Intend to shift into the new lore that is the right prose incantation of your fate keys as fostered by your Dao and Tao within.


The lore of Yogananda has three omissions that include the Fool, the High Priestess and the Chariot. Those in the Fool can easily reverse into the White Elephant lore. Those in the High Priestess role can readily reverse into the lore of the Stork. Those in the Chariot lore could reverse into the Lion’s Mane easily. The Lore of the Eagle has also been damaged. Those of this nature can reverse into the role of Justice at this time but are few and far between in stature of development in this era.


There are many who are struggling in the reversal into new lore of fate that is not a damaged fable. The reversal cycle is up for many developments of eighteen years of hypothesis of mastery. Lore shifts are common amongst those mastering into the 14-14 or above hypothesis of compassionate action. Reversals occur every eight years.


If you are reversing, it is best to ascertain what lore you are departing from and what you are entering to allow conscious action to reverse to be intended. In the conscious choice to reverse, the actions of a new dream can flux more readily into the life and in particular amongst those with damaged lore fables. The damaged lore fables cause a near cease dream of the life that is difficult to experience through time. Reversing will bring about a shift in the dreams of life so that they can flux forth again for each mastering in this cycle of strife of humankind.


In the mastery of the fate of transfusion,

Master Baba


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To all Beings in discovering the Love of the Love within themselves. May you walk in Love and Beauty on Earth.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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