Image of an alluring red rose. Shakti Studies #5

Shakti Studies #5


The Wedding Ring


Incantations in Diamonds for Partnership Lore


The Wedding Ring


The ring for the engagement

Sparkles with diamonds

That attracts the fable for the wedding

The wedding ring

Attracts the fable for the partnership

Through time

The lore fable is recorded

In the mineral kingdom

Long before the pair meet

Or exchange vows or rings

The fable of the union is known

In the systems of fate

Recorded in each family

Before the two were born


Diamonds Foster Marital Systems of Self


Wedding rings are a science all of their own. Whether the union is gay, straight, or old and young, old and old, or young and young in age and stature, the nature of the fable is recorded in the diamond or other minerals sustained within the wedding ring before it is ever exchanged. The minerals for wedding rings are fostered by Shakti Lore to trigger fate keys for marital habitat of life to unfold through time. The wedding ring industry is at an all-time high in the human marketplace due to the value of diamonds and gold. Diamonds record the fables to be fostered in marriages of all age ranges and stature of lore. There are other minerals that also record marital or partnership lore, but diamonds are the most prevalent in their foundry of fostering marital systems of self.


Marriage is a system of self or consciousness that is shared by the pair. If there is a child born of the union, consciousness spans the three or more in family lore fables that adjoin the marital lore fable of self through time. Marriage is not a new system of dreaming the life and has been present upon Earth for over eighty thousand years. Marriage lore is primarily present to foster a system of stability for the two to adjoin in partnership or foster young children into maturity in the life.


Not all diamonds foster positive marital lore or consciousness of the two. Many diamonds foster very negative lore in this time period. False diamonds (cubic zirconia) foster the most difficult lore of strife of the two. Diamonds that foster positive lore are not necessarily expensive, but grow in only a few mines around the world at this time, and mostly in Canada. Read more