Image of a huge green leaf dugged into the sand at a beach. Shakti Relationship Lore #4

Shakti Relationship Lore #4


The Black Widow


The Lore of Deformity of Self


Love Within

The Love within

Ignites in a foray

Of the emancipation

Of the feminine

That syncopates with the Dao

And dances with the Tao

Causing a flame to ignite

Of passion within

That launches the truth

Of the Love of the Beloved

In a memorable sojourn

Of the flower essence of life

In an immortal union Divine


Lore Fables and Cycles


This is the first of four articles to explore very dark happenstance of union fables of self. Unions are founded upon fables that have a cast of characters that explores the spiritual lessons of life through dreaming together. All fables are stories yet to unfold in their inception. Fables begin at birth and last seven to eight years each cycle. Self is infused into the field and body in the bones and bone marrow in the physical at the beginning of each lore cycle. The changes of self often denote large life changes as each lore completes and a new lore is born.


Lore cycles have karmic sequences of dreams that can be very difficult to experience. The black widow is one of the most difficult happenstance of lore fables to live. Karma can be forgiven and renditioned through, leading to another outcome other than disaster for those willing to walk the spiritual path within of forgiveness.


Lore cycles are not impervious to motions of ascension. Some cycles complete in shorter time spans if the spiritual path of mastery compresses time. Time compression is an adroit equation that allows humans to rendition through karma more rapidly to offset negative developments in the dreams of the life. Most evolving humans compress time leading to lore cycles that can complete in four to five years instead of seven to eight. Lore cycles of non-evolving humans remain always at the seven to eight year cycle due to lack of compression of time. Read more