Image of a forest with trees swaying in the wind. Shakti Relationship Lore #6

Shakti Relationship Lore #6


The Forensics Mismatch


The Lore of the Loss of Magic


Estuary Within

The forensics of Spirit

Are a mismatch of truth

Of an estuary

Of the non-divine

In which the feminine reposes

In insincerity of Self

Leading to a falsification of union

Causing a cessation of life

Of the masculine

Until the one of the one

Is mastered

In a postulation of magic

Of the Beloved Within


Estuary of Self


The estuary of self is a sacred space that the one of the one within manifests. The one of the one is a union divine of Dao (feminine or yin) and Tao (masculine or yang) ignites a flame of union in which the experience of oneness unfolds. Oneness is experienced as a motion of communion between body, mind and spirit. Communion in partnership creates a sensation of synergy of love and care between the two due to a forensics match. A forensics match requires sustaining a state of oneness within each. Oneness within is an adroit equation leading to the experience of the love of the love within. Oneness between the two allows the love of the love to be expressed without and with another.


Sustaining oneness within is a precarious journey if the union of the two does not foster each in a repose of love within. The love will diminish within in a forensics mismatch of partnership. Love of the love within is a sacred act of divinity amongst those mastering spiritual forays of dreams in this time period. Oneness is easily lost as a flavor of self in a difficult union of partnership with someone insincere to the synergy of the two. Oneness within fades as the estuary of self ceases to thrive within. It is the estuary of self that sustains the seat of the forensics motion of internal formations of love in the chalice of the divine. The chalice of the divine is a heart motion that opens as one masters oneness within.


Mastery versus False Synergy


Insincerity of synergy is a postulation of non-truth that augments the flavor of union without the real accomplishment of oneness or communion within. Oneness and communion is a notion that love flourishes as a light synthesis occurs due to mastery of realization of the spiritual pursuit in life. Mastery is not a foray of dream for most. Those mastering know the undercurrent of understanding that leads to forgiveness of life happenstance within. Read more