Image shows the Eternal Divine Spark of the Infinite Self.

Our Ultimate Destination Is The Infinite Self


Image Credit: Sequoia Arayas


We are infinite and eternal. We are a genuine conscious creation of Divine Source. We are a part of the very same Source energy that created us, and we have the same power to create. The only difference is that our duality as Source energy manifested in human form has been veiled from us so that we may have this marvelous human experience in its totality. The ultimate destination of the human experience is finding our way back to our Self!


Doorway to the Infinite Self


The Superconscious mind represents the doorway to the Infinite Divine Self. It is the arena from which inspiration and imagination is sourced. It is the sacred limitless potential of the nonmanifest. By tapping into the Superconscious mind, we can access the infinite wisdom, love and abundance that are readily available to us all. Read more