Image of an astounding amber mineral. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power

8. Blessings for Absolute Truth and the Peach Ray of Authentic Power


From the Amber Mineral Kingdom


It is the Amber Mineral Kingdom along with all other minerals that hold the peach tones of creation at this time of global ascension that speak to you today. The formation of Amber is the result of the melting of the tree kingdom in the many nuclear annihilations upon Earth. The tree kingdom resins pooled and hardened into a soft stone known as amber. Sometimes insect or other kingdoms were trapped in our species and appear as they once did within our formations. In essence, amber is also related to tree resins in present time. Many spiritual aspirants enjoy burning tree resins as incense and find it empowering of their field and inner process as a result.


Amber is one of four minerals that holds the peach tone of Power and Truth in the Language of Light. The three others that also hold power and truth vibrations are Tiger’s Eye which is related to the Non-Conditional Governance tone, Pyrite which is related to the tone of Hope, and Jasper which is related to the tone of Truth.


The Import of the Peach Ray


Power is the energy flow that empowers the intentions made as an ascending fully conscious species such as human form, as well as the consensus known as Terra or Earth. The peach ray infuses any intention that one may make for one’s dreams or boundaries or energy flow with the power necessary to carry the thought to the solar sun to be relayed back unto one’s dream stepping down the manifestation planes. Those intentions requiring an immediate affect over one’s own field will be infused with so much of the peach ray that they bypass the manifestation planes altogether and affect the physical plane immediately.


Chapter 10 “Mastering the Living Dream” of Ascension Insights, Volume 5 explains manifestation in greater detail. We refer those interested to read this for greater understanding of the dance of conscious intention and dream weaving.


What types of intentions require immediate relaying back to the physical? Generally, these are boundary type intentions where one is releasing karma or a pattern from the field that is causing a state of imbalance and perhaps is even at cause of a bad ascension day. Also, if one perceives a difficult dream stepping into the physical such as an accident or disease, and chooses instead to erase the dream altogether and then release the associated karma to avoid the physical manifestation altogether, this type of intentions requires immediate attention. The peach ray works within one’s field to distribute power where is it needed most in any given day, week or month of ascension and empowers the intentions that one has made over the course of the associated time period. Read more