Image of a noble yellow bird on a tree branch. Angel Archive #2

Angel Archive #2: Fostering Your Life in Light


Fostering your life is a preoccupation of each of you. You think about your dreams and how they shall manifest and what to do next. Some introspect over karma you feel with others and choose to forgive and find compassion. Some focus outward upon issues that need to be transfused through in order to make peace with you. Some percolate over life changes that you desire to manifest ahead in your life. Some meditate trying to listen to the angels that translate words for your Dao and Tao. Some hear their angels and many do not. Hearing angels is an opening to spirit that some have fostered and some have not.


Fostering Mindset Development


Generally, if you can hear your angels, you are easier in your life and in your decisions to be made. You hear what is needed and motion in the direction that Dao and Tao offer as angels speak to you as you meditate in a conscious dreaming function of the mind. Conscious dreaming function is an issue of mind development. Mindset development is in part energetic but also biochemical in the brain. Conscious dreaming capabilities require certain nutrients in order to develop the pineal gland in order to open the third eye gland in order to foster perception.


Perception and hearing are two different functions also of the mind. Hearing spirit requires translation synapses that motion as angels motion in their minds. As your mind motions as angel’s minds motion, then you hear us or interpret our words easily. Mindset development requires a specific set of synapses to develop through time. Synapses require sacred nutrients of silver, gold, zeolite (humic and fulvic acids), protein of the right amino acid chains (tofu) along with liquid minerals. The diet of humanity is usually devoid of these substances unless you choose to supplement your diet to develop your conscious awareness of spirit.


Those that have fostered a dietary supplement as recommended in the Light Wave series function of education have sometimes opened to hearing angels and sometimes not. Those who already had this function, developed the mindset to conscious dream possibly a long time ago. Sometimes without nutrients you can lose the biochemical function of hearing your angels within. If this is so, some of the synapses that wave the mind waves in angel interpretation have died. Reviving synapses requires cleansing as often candida or other toxins coats the cortex through time shutting of vital synapses to your perception and hearing of the nonphysical.


There are juices that foster resurrection of the mind if it has gone dead, one of which is fresh apples. Dead mind leads to one who fails to hear your own guidance from within. Dead mind is a state that most people suffer from most of their lives in the oligarchy society that you live. Dead minds lead to soulless and spiritless lives that fail to understand much other than societal teachings of nothing. Read more