Image of the soft moonlight in a garden. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #6

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #6


The Fable of the Hierophant


The Force of the Rebel


The Hierophant


The Hierophant

The lore of hierophant

Is a gift of truth

That fails to reason

With all the treason

In the righteousness of the divine

In order to augment

A major change

That blesses the orchestration

Of the dream

In the breath of life

Of the Tao


Parables of the Tarot


The fable of the hierophant is an eloquent expose of the nature of the one who stands to an extreme in the truth of what they believe is correct. The hierophant is a complex dynamic of a force of righteousness that triggers deep apathy or sympathy for a cause. The cause is superfluous systems of life that arise out of the needs and quest of those mastering in peace, integrity, honor and hope. The hierophant takes a stand and sometimes is crucified due to the arbitration of life forces to be surmounted as the fable unfolds in life.


The hierophant is not necessarily a public foray of dream. Sometimes the dream of the hierophant unfolds as a dreamtime foray of experience. The crucifixion can be an energetic blast that harms the field to a point of death or near death. Those introspecting through the hierophant fable are often disheveled in energy flow to a point of becoming ill. If transcended, the hierophant resurrects and reconstitutes him or herself leading to a rebirth into a new life. The new life may not reflect the old life which is generally departed from in shambles.


The new life unfolds with a change of fable. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the justice arcana in the next tale of the life. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the temperance arcana becoming extremely benevolent within and in the expressions with others. Sometimes the hierophant becomes the arcana of strength providing fortitude to recover and carry on and transfuse home. Each fable has its nuances, brilliant moments and strife in life to foster mastery within. Transcendence over difficult happenstance is a force of inner transformation towards forgiveness, compassionate action and divine understanding in many cycles. Read more