Image of a pristine mountain landscape. Assertions for Right Mindedness

4. Assertions for Right Mindedness


The Right Mind


The right mind

Fosters joy within

In a life that is loved

With people that care

In soul family sway

Of the two three and many

In love with the whole

In the beauty of spirit

In light wave syncopated motions

Of the divine understanding

That there is only love

And there is only light

And that the shadows of themselves

Are only a delusion

To be transfused through

To find peace within

And love yourself


Right Mindedness Is A Flowering of the Mind and Fosters Synergy


Right mindedness is a state in which spirit may descend and participate in the dreams of yourself. In the dreams of yourself while in right mindedness, spirit can communicate what you need to hear to understand, interpret, find a divine stance and forgive all that ails you within and in life. Spirit can accord dreams that you are in need of to foster your life only while in a state of right mindedness. Right mindedness is an accord of the divine with an assertion that you are beautiful and loved and cared for; and to foster blessings for each and each spirit in the divine understanding that all is to be loved. Love and sacredness form a bond between right mindfulness and right mindedness through time. Generally right mindfulness is mastered first followed by right mindedness in most adepts realizing self in any cycle.


Right mindedness is a flowering of the mind in twenty-eight concepts of divine notions. As twenty-eight notions are mastered, a state of right mindedness unfolds. The flowers of self first foster right mindfulness in the ten flower of self concepts in succinct rhythms fostering a lotus above the cortex. Then the lotus fosters eighteen other flowers of self that form out of each lotus petal, one at a time until the nineteenth formation sprouts above signifying the mastery of right mindedness. Right mindedness is a self-realized state of being. Those self-realized accord to foster another level of mastery into self-actualization notions of self to follow.


Right mindedness is a fostering of a state of synergy within. In a state of synergy, the right and left sides of field sway together as the cortex blossoms above the cortex in the twenty-eight divine concepts. The sway must amplify to foster a complete motion from head to toe and within the subtle body of field in order for a state of right mindedness to accord within. The sway must take flight with spirit in paths of the divine that accord into a motion in which spirit may descend and infuse the subtle body in a sway of its own. As spirit sways with matter, there is a bliss kiss of the divine that is experienced by the physical. Sometimes if the sway is large enough, others are cascaded into beautiful blessings of spirit into matter in a group accord. Read more