Image of a magnificent Sun shining over a flowering tree. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao

13. Summer Solstice Blessings from Earth and the Tao


It is that time of year again; summer solstice is upon us, or winter solstice for those down-under. Ever since the winter solstice, the sun has been slowly growing and the days have steadily been getting longer. On the summer solstice, the sun reaches its peak and it completes its cycle of growth. This makes the Summer Solstice an excellent time for Earth and all ascending species including the human species to look inward, assess and reflect on spiritual goals. Did you fulfill upon your spiritual goals, beloved? What did you learn? This is what Earth, Asur’Ana and Per along with the Tao are assessing at this time.


The Mirror of One’s Life Dance


Lessons in the human paradigm often differ from those in other kingdoms. Humans have a dance that includes a cast of characters. How the humans behave in the “play” associated with the dance of life is how humans learn their lessons and master. Mastery is about demonstrating unity in the life expression along with forgiveness. Forgiveness seeks to complete through understanding a particular experience, and in the understanding one chooses another dance. Understanding is acquired in many manners in human form, but generally speaking it is through the observation of others in the life “mirror”.


The others in one’s life dance mirror one’s unconscious predisposition; they also mirror the nature of ancestors long come and gone from the physical plane. Others also mirror thoughtform and beliefs that perhaps one would prefer to transcend through ascension than live to experience in another incarnation ahead. As each mirror is looked at as an internal reflection, and one chooses to release the associated patterning within through forgiveness, one transcends in ascension.


Collective human ascension lessons are learned in a parallel manner; one watches the mirror of world events around oneself. As enough in observation choose to release the karma and beliefs associated that created the collective experiences within the human species, then the dance may change. Collective change therefore requires enough to transcend the world mirror.


This is challenging at this time as there are few ascending (less than 10% global wide), and those mastering may not be releasing karma far enough back in time to allow for a significant shift as of yet in the collective dream. It may take the birth of ascending children in the decade ahead for enough of the karma to be released to perceive a significant alteration towards unity in the current human dance. For this, Earth, the Tao, and the Ancient Ancestors are vying for; enough ascending children to press the human dream as a collective towards unity in the quarter century ahead. Read more