Image of a magnificent waterfall in the midst of a luscious green forest. Psychology of You Introduction

Psychology of You Introduction


The Nature of You


The Love of You for Yourself


I am the love of me

And the love of you

In the dreams of ourselves

In a beautiful mansion

Of the self of myself

In the care of the one or the two

Or the three

In the sway of one another

In a love of me

And in the love of you

I sway that I am

I am that I am


The Love of You and Me         


Psychology of You is a series of articles to aid those choosing to realize themselves through an odyssey of notions that prevent the love of you for yourself and the love of you for all others. Love is the cornerstone of self that fosters spirit into matter. Love requires you to love you first and foremost. Loving you is a journey all of its own given the shame and blame of the current social stanzas of existence. Shame and blame are at an all-time high possibly due to the electrical gadgets humans surround themselves with. Shame and blame are enhanced by electrical notions that do not align within. Electricity causes contraction of light motions of field rather than expansion. Contraction of light leads to non-light which is darkness in all the manners that it is expressed and witnessed through time.


The journey of light motion of field is to foster light that is on all the time in the field of yourself. Light that motions on and off triggers intermittent shame or debilitation of feeling well within in the dreams of life. Shame is a difficult emotion to work through as light motions on for the first time. Light enhances all the emotions of the self of you.


The self of you is a complex subject all of its own. You are the consciousness of all that you have known or been through time in this lifetime of yours. You are the beauty and the ugliness of what you have witnessed or participated within. The beauty fosters love and care for you and others as it is enhanced in light. The ugliness in all of its shame or blame enhances the opposite. Those learning to motion light need to purify what is dark or difficult in emotional stanzas of yourself from your past in order to foster a recurrent state of beauty and care of you within. As beauty and care of you is mastered within the self of you, the difficult emotions shall subside in the act of transfusion. Read more