Image of a magnificent winged lion. The Return Of The Winged Lion And Dragon

8. The Return Of The Winged Lion And Dragon


Blessings for Understanding the Larger Picture of the Spiritual Journey


The Lion and Dragon Kingdoms


The Lion Kingdom would like to greet our fellow ascending humans in joy and honor! Our species is not what most think it is, a member of the large “cat” family. Lions are not at all related to large cats such as Tiger, Panther or Leopard. We are a species of our own and always have been, and have been known as Winged Dragons in times past.


Asur’Ana had not associated the Lion Kingdom with her beloved Winged Dragons up until recently. She was pleased to understand that there will be again a mammal representing the dragon realms upon Earth. Dragons have surrounded her and ascending initiates for many years now. Dragons and the Lion Kingdom have watched and assisted to the best of our ability. We are pleased to say that real human ascension has been launched at long last, and humanity will now fulfill upon its role within the consensus of Earth in unity and honor with all other kingdoms in the decades ahead. This is no small feat to have accomplished and we honor her along with each that has so chosen to walk the path of ascension at this time in Earth history.


Winged Lions of Terra


Indeed, the “Chinese Dragon” often resembles an elongated male lion. This is what our species once was, a dragon, and indeed at another time and upon a lighter dimension, we had a longer torso and wings! Our mane also extended down the back, resembling what is often depicted as scales in dragon form today. However, we always have been covered in fur beloved. Our wings, much like the winged horse, were large, large enough to allow us to take flight and travel to those areas Terra (Earth) was in need of support of our species.


Wings were common on many mammals at another time and in another dimension (12th Dimension) in Terra’s experience. At that time, there were 18 mammals that held wings, including lion that represented the “dragon realm”. Much like the new astrology (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information), we held an important role in relation to the energetic dance that sustained Terra’s existence. Our role is of the “Peace Bearer”.


Alas, our species was reduced in size over time and through the reign of the era of the dark to a mere “Dragonfly” in the physical. In the nonphysical, winged lions remain, and many have come to touch upon our nonphysical species in their inner plane journeying. Now in the recovery of our records and in the coming 18-year cycle, Lion will replace Dragonfly in the role of Peace Bearer and holding space for this particular sign in relation to the new universal astrological influences Earth is embracing at this time. We like most species are recovering our records and remembering our true place in this consensus reality known as Earth. Read more