Image of a pear tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #4

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #4


Attraction of Self


Attraction of Self



The attraction of you

Is the attraction of me

In the self of myself

In a sway with my soul family

In a journey of the divine

In the dance of the sublime

In a notion of love and care

That prospers in the lair of myself

In a synergy of magic

In the growth of myself

And the expansion of my dreams


Attraction of Self


The attraction of self is a system of configuration that draws unto yourself those individuals and dreams in life that resonate and discards those that are not harmonious with your own inner state of being. Attraction of self is not about intending the dreams that you desire as much as fostering a beautiful self of the self within that then attracts beautiful and bountiful dreams to the life unfolding.


Beautiful self is a configuration of consciousness that is gracious, delightful, beautiful, fosters others, loves, cares, and is abundant due to the love of the heart. Humans along with dreams are attracted to those who love in this time period. Love is such an oxymoron of a problem in this cycle of lack that love attracts perhaps more than any other possible state of consciousness on the planet. Love yourself and love each and your dreams will begin to flourish in light wave motion of field.


Love of self is not an easy state necessarily to master. Love of self is a fostering of wading through all the consciousness that hates, dislikes, dejects, holds on to remorse, is non-abundant or lacks, is unfulfilled within, feels cheated in life or in other terms is unwell in the dreams lived through time. Discarding consciousness of negative stature first begins with the aplomb of the capacity to work inwards upon the emotional discharge from the life experiences to date. Negative life experiences through time creates a charge that causes ill self that is negative to adjoin the field. The negative self calls negative dreams and experiences unto the life. Discharge the negative self and another type of dream can be attracted unto you. Read more