Image of graceful swans in love. Shakti Relationship Lore #8

Shakti Relationship Lore #8


The Truth of Swan Lake


The Lore of Travesty of the Loss of Love



The forensics of Love

Is a beautification within

That fosters a motion

Of the sublime

That notions a care

That is superlative

But renders the heart

In the end of the story

Of the masculine

Until the truth within is mastered

In a postulation of hope

As sustenance within is restored


Abandonment in Union


The truth of Swan Lake is the repose of abandonment in union. Abandonment is an internal fabrication of self that is lost. Self is a striation of field that is associated with consciousness and awareness. The lost self motions itself into non-succinct rhythms of light that denotes the flavor of loss. The flavor of loss is a symptom of self that feels withdrawn or abandoned within. All flavors of abandonment are internal afflictions that can only be fostered into healing within. Healing afflictions of abandonment is a symptom of self-inauguration. Self inaugurates itself into the field through archetypal flux that fosters the sensation of fullness and fulfillment within. Fulfillment leads to a flavor of non-abandonment in life.


Self reflects the conscious mind. The conscious mind experiences and expresses in many flavors of self. The flavors of self are motioned as light waves in the mindset of synapse formations in the cortex of the brain. The flavors of self expand in times of beautification as a full field phenomenon of self in realization of itself. Self flowers in motions that are beautiful to the divine. Beauty and divinity are expressions of love in various motions of self. Love of the love in union is an incantation and prose that fosters the flavor of beauty and divinity within. Union within is fostered first through the self and then incantated into the pair to foster the love of the two. If love fails to occur within each, love together is an impossible motion to fulfill upon through time.


The Swan Lake Theme


Swan Lake is a theme of prose incantation that follows the notions of the ballet. Swan Lake theme is about the beautiful black and white swans who meet, fall in love and mate. The two flocks of black and white swans are not happy about the union outside of their specific breeds. The black swans attack the white beloved and he perishes in the loss of self. The flocks are pervasive and capable of deep harm. The love is lost and the flavor of the cherished beloved has flown. The female longs for her beloved out of deep abandonment, never finding another as glorious again. Read more