Image of a hematite mineral

10. Blessings for Opening the Heart and the Silver Ray of Acceptance


From the Hematite Mineral Kingdom


It is the Hematite Mineral kingdom that speaks to you today. Hematite is associated with the silver ray of unconditional love and acceptance in the Language of Light. The silver ray has an important role in the ascension of all kingdoms. Primarily, the silver ray allows for proper movement of the elements of air, water, fire and earth through the meridian system and energy flow of the ascending field. Proper elemental arrangement is helpful for a smooth spinning field that will sustain one’s health in the continued rise in vibration ahead. The silver ray also rearranges the elements to allow for the release of attachment between one’s own etheric body and all other persons, pets, plants, property, possessions and people one knows.


The silver ray is expressed in four minerals associated with the Language of Light: Hematite that represents the Unconditional Love tone, Iolite that represents the Function tone, Herkimer that represents the Creativity tone, and Titanium that represents the Honesty tone. The silver ray allows for the experience of self-acceptance in the dance of life. What is self-acceptance really? It is a state of being in which one comes to peace about all things within oneself and in the dance with others.


Numbness vs. Peace


Peace is a difficult attribute to master in a living environment that is highly electrical. The electricity of your human cities agitates and numb the field. Although being numb and not feeling may be preferable to the pain that most humans are in, one cannot confuse numbness with peace as they really have nothing in common with one another. In a state of numbness, one cannot feel or love or bless or be blessed by the kingdoms or the land. In a state of numbness, there is only boredom and the seeking of excitement through entertainment or emotional exchanges or even violence.


Most inner cities today are filled with those so numb that they seek out anything to appease the boredom including the use of drugs, alcohol to excess, smoking, sexual exchanges that are not founded upon love, or even violence and violent lifestyles. If those that are bored do not act out the dream for excitement in this manner, many simply attune to violent or entertaining media flicks as this feels better than the boredom that the numb state of being creates.


Why does electricity numb humans? The human nervous system was not created to have excessive electrical impulses running through it. Although at another time in history there were humans that thrived and extended their lives upon electrical energy (the family of Anu), as this was the biological nature that they originated from the Pleiades within; few humans have a pure ancestry to the family of Anu today. Most humans today after 30,000 Earth years (120,000 years as humans measure time) of interbreeding and migration patterns are a combination of red nation and Pleiadian lineages creating a half electrical, half magnetic genetic structure. Read more