Image of a spectacular aurora borealis. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #4


The Fable of the Empress


The Force of the Heart


The Empress


The Empress

The lore of the heart

Is a gift of love

That desires to support

Each dream in its motion

In the beautification

Of the prose

In a caring destination

That blesses the self

And anoints spirit

In a motion of love

Of the whole


Parables of the Heart


The parable of the heart is a notion of a divine ordination of life. Life is a dream sustained through motions of truth and care. Care is a forensic motion of self disseminated into the vestibule of the empress in the valley of life. The valley of life is a characteristic of notion of the group living in any given region. The empress sustains the love of the land and the people through anointing spirit in the notions of sustainable care. Sustainable care is a notion that love is the foundation of existence. Existence becomes unsustainable as love fades.


The heart is a notion of the divine oscillation of self. Self is a part of the field that sustains light synthesis and conscious awareness of one’s existence; self it not sustainable if love is unavailable to be fostered in the dream of life. Dreams of love require oscillations of self in the chalice of the divine. An open heart vestibule is required in order for love to become sustainable within. The heart vestibule is also a motion of the land in regions in which care is sustainable. Sustainable land-based care causes regions that are succulent to sublime in dance within for those mastering in spiritual oscillations.


Sustainable notions are a perception that each motion supports the whole in the entirety of itself. Wholeness theory is a sustainable action in which the divine seeks to support each and every part of the journey of self. Self is an oscillation of notion that awareness is the foundation of existence in sublime dreams that dance in truth. Truth is not sustainable unless love is present to augment the journey of life. Love is a sincere caress of the divine when present in the dreams of each. The caress of love is sustained by the empress in her journey of life.    Read more