Image of brilliant sunlight shining on grass and flowers next to a tree trunk. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #3


The Fable of the High Priestess


Sincerity of Heart


The High Priestess


The High Priestess

The lore of priestess

Is an enchanted garden

Of a life of sincerity

In the chalice of self

Of a union sublime

In a system of dream

Of a fostering of care

That causes the endeavor

Of a truth of the heart

In a motion divine


Fostering the Arcana of Truth


There are major and minor arcana of the tarot. Major arcana falls into two categories. The positive major arcana cast a dream for the life to be lived to the fullest within. The negative major arcanas are subject to being pitted against the one mastering self to augment an understanding of truth. The parable that the teacher becomes the student is one of this type of understanding. Those sustaining the positive or negative side of the arcana are unique to each happenstance in life. For one the darker arcana is an obstacle and for another the same individual a delicate balance of self that sustains the life. No two will harvest the same lore with the same other. Lore is a case specific encounter of the divine or non-divine with each mastering self-realization.


Love is a cherished service unto each in the lore of the major arcana fable for life. Love incants a spell of the divine to be experienced in the lore of the two, the family, the group or the land. The love of the two ignites a spell that can embrace one another of divine origins of self. Divine love is not an obstacle in the tarot arcana. Divine love causes the obstacles to fade and anther dream of delight to enchantment to be born. Divine love is an estuary of self. The estuary of self deposits the love of the divine into the incantation of the two or the many or the land. The two or the many foster the beauty of the divine for a time and until the spell wears off. If the spell is sustained, the divinity of the two must be mastered within each.


Obstacles are also special notions in which the understanding of divinity through compassionate action is born within and through life happenstance. Life of those in positive arcana lore fables will sustain themselves through encounters with the negative lore humans in the spiritual foray of dreams. Spiritual dreams oscillate a notion of dark lore encounters to augment realization of self. Sometimes the lore shifts of dark attributes of self from one to another in the life game. The shift is an encounter of the non-sublime that was once divine. It is often the lore of the shift into the non-sublime that is the greatest teacher of one’s experience of realization.  Read more