Image of a round full moon among orange peach clouds. Yogananda Tales of the Heart #8

Yogananda Tales of the Heart #8


The Fable of the Chariot


The Force of the Dreamer of Life


The Dreamer


The Chariot

The dreamer is the one

Who is the force of the chariot

That drives the emergence of the clan

Into a motion of truth

Of the beloveds

Who foster the region in purity of self

As a force of mellifluousness

In a sonnet of the divine

In which each harmonizes

Through time

And throughout the land


The Parable of the Tarot


The chariot is a design of fate to lead a group, clan, region or nation in the truth of the divine. The truth of the divine is an accolade of self that fosters itself and the self of each in the group or region. Each tarot dream augments an insurgence of lore of truth sincere unto the fable to be lived by all in the arcana lore of fate.


The lore of the chariot is a design of self that fosters dreams of many. Leaders of spiritual pursuits of small, medium or large groups often foster the tale of the chariot for a time or an entire lifetime. At this time there are roughly one thousand living the fable of the chariot incarnate in age ranges from seventeen to thirty-eight. Most mastery fables catch upon one thousand at a time in this era. Some mastery fables are designed for a more exclusive system of dreaming. The last two fables of the arcana of Justice and Temperance are retained for another level of mastery.


The arcana of the chariot is a mid-range fable. Each fable grows in stature of affluence of influence over other initiates. The lore of the chariot is a fable for leadership. Only those who become leadership in a spiritual class of affluence of self-realizing itself through group development foster the fable of the chariot in any era of light synthesis motions of self. The fable of the chariot is a difficult dream in this era. The conclusion of the fable requires a twin partner to foster an ignition of love of the land and of the people of the planet. In this era, false twin reposes diminish the possibility of the fulfillment of the dream of the chariot into the highest possible vision for the care of the planet. Read more