Image of white dandelion puffball in the dazzling Sun. Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent

Chapter 6: Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent


The focus of this chapter is the nature of etheric grid work, molecules, atoms and sub atomic particles or elements of air, water, fire and earth and how they work to sustain life. So much information has been lost over time within the human species that it may be difficult to imagine what one’s ancient Grand Master ancestors understood; for although one may understand much in dreamtime, it is difficult to bring through to the consciousness of the biology. This is so for Asur’Ana and Per as it is for each in our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Earth therefore strives to bring through enough information that one can understand the interplay between the various levels of energy structures that allow the living dream to catch in the third dimension leading to the experience of life in human form.


The Elements      

The elements of air, water, fire and earth are the energetic building blocks of life. The element of earth constructs atoms associated with fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. The element of water constructs atoms associated with any fluid including water, spinal fluid, blood, lymph fluid, or the fluid that surrounds the brain. The element of fire constructs atoms associated with the energy that fuels life, such as kundalini energy flow or photonic energy. The element of air constructs the space between or gaseous substances that support life.


Much has been spoken about the nature of the elements and health in Chapter 9 “Balancing the Elements to Retain One’s Health in Ascension” from Ascension Insights, Volume 4. This article explored the nature of the elements in association with disease and how to rebalance the field for health. This article along with Chapter 2 “The Energetic Dynamics of Disease” from Ascension Insights, Volume 5 may be worth re-reading in conjunction with this chapter as we are striving here to get to a deeper level of understanding of the purpose of the elements and etheric structure than these two articles went into. However, they will provide a nice introduction and overview that will lead into the following information.


About the Elements     


Elements are directed by the DNA of the biology to construct atoms and then molecules. If the DNA is from a foreign creation such as the Pleiades, Orion or Jyreion, then the elements that shall weave the atoms will be electrical and not magnetic. If the DNA is from Sirian or Black Assyrian origins, then magnetic elements will be called to weave the atoms. Therefore, before one can really change out electrical elements and call in magnetic elements into the field, one must bring forward DNA from one’s own magnetic ancestry.


How is this accomplished? One has lineages of ancestors that one is associated with. The further that one ascends, the further back in time one assembles a tapestry of ancestry that one is related to. The further the tapestry goes back in time, the larger the number of ancestral templates of DNA one has to draw upon. So, let us say that one has ongoing difficulty with ascending the spleen; perhaps one has yet to find a red ancestor with a definition of DNA for a magnetic spleen. As one carries on assembling more of one’s ancestral template, then suddenly a group of ancestors show up with the right encoding for the spleen that is magnetic. Now one can bring this encoding into the ascension grid work and allow the spleen to ascend. Now one can alter the spleen’s elements causing magnetic elements to replace electrical ones. Read more

Image of a majestic scenery in nature with the mountains in the background, and there's a lavender light cast over everything. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System

4. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System


Much has been written of the emotional process of ascension. Little on the other hand has been written about the biological alterations that accompany the emotional changes. Why? Well for one, Asur’Ana does not relate so heavily to biological changes as much as the emotional responses to her world. She has no background as a doctor or in medical studies, and therefore transcribing detailed biological information is not her forte. There is another reason however, and this involves the desire of Mother Earth to protect the ascension knowledge so that it is not misused by science at this time in history.


Science has misused ascension knowledge before, and this is how a manufactured slave race came to be. Earth hopes rather that humanity will ascend beyond the need to manipulate her or any species upon Earth, and move back to the state of full consciousness that was once the ancestral inheritance of the original red seeded race.


Therefore, the focus upon the biological alterations will always be minimal in our books. However, as one tunes into one’s own form, and the body angels that govern the process of genetic encoding, one may receive a detailed account of the current process of ascension down to the physicality of the form. As humans awaken to their own ability to tune inward to the inner planes of reality, there is no need for another to explain anything. All knowledge will flow, as one needs to know it from within.


Gradual and Generational Alterations to the Original Biochemical System


Now, we would like to explain the changes to the cells that are within the human form known as viruses, and several emerging hormonal systems and transport systems that support a regenerative crystalline structure. This will be an overview, and understand that all ascending forms will develop each system to the degree that there is room inside of the physical structure. Room? Is there not enough room in the inn, one may wonder? In reality, one’s ancient ancestors not only had a 10-foot height in structure, but an enlarged cranial cavity roughly 8 times larger than the present day human skull. To fit all glands, some of which were the size of a banana, into the space of a peanut is not possible.


At best ascension can bring forth a semblance of the original biochemical system, and grow the glands to the degree that there is space. Some glands have had to be forfeited altogether until the alterations coming forth through newborn children allow for a larger head. Into the future, delivering a child via the current process of birth may become increasingly difficult with such large heads. What then? There will be alterations to the pelvic cavity and cervix to accommodate the increased requirement to “stretch” to give birth. Read more