Image of an exquisite bouquet of plumeria flowers. Ananda Love Archive #3

Ananda Love Archive #3


The Care of the Soul Family


The Love of the Whole


The love of the soul family

Fosters your dreams

In the stage play of life

In the love of the three

In the dream of yourself

In the life of each

In the care of the whole

Where each receives a perch of self

To forgive themselves

And be happy with yourself

In the love of you

In the love of me

In the gentleness and truth

Of spirit into matter

In the love of the Tao

And the care of the Dao through time


Soul Family Care of You


Soul family is an amazing journey into a new synthesis of self that fosters the self of each in the group associated. Soul family is not an oscillation for all in this time period. Soul family requires kindness and gentleness towards one another and spirit. Soul family heals one another rather than fostering demonic interludes that damage self or dream. Soul family chooses to stand together united to offset difficult demonic configurations that play out with other characters in the dance of life. Soul family abates demons that interfere with your personal family or the soul family at large if they are overly aggressive. Soul family can foster a protective unit of self that abates difficult striations and other systems of damage unto the self of each member.


Soul family is emerging in this time period. For the younger generation, some may have motioned into soul family configurations about nine months ago (age six to sixteen). If you have children of this age range, a configuration of soul family may have already arisen in the clan due to your child’s light wave mindset that motioned the systems into the homestead.


The emergence of soul family has been very important to the younger generation of light wave mindset to offset the damage unto their own minds or the dreams of their own families from the demons of affluence in particular. The demons of affluence are a very difficult system of murder of self in which the self is abated from yourself and motioned into one who is acquiring a wealthier status of dream in the life. This is the primary harm that is fostered in association with the demons of affluence in this cycle. As you un-murder the self of yourself, the self can be restored and the dreams retrieved that could be lost otherwise. Read more