Image of a captivating blue flower. Shakti Studies #7

Shakti Studies #7


The Cake Walk


The Nature of the Exchange of Cake


The Cake Walk of Self


The cake served at the wedding

Reflects the sugar glaze of Self

The sweetness of the delight

Or the plight of the night of the two

The nature of the exchange

Of the first bites

Reflect the dreams

Of the partnership lore of fate

To be fostered through time by the pair

Is it a delightful dream ahead?

Or one filled with strife?

Or simply a fate to be realized through

In the mastery lore of the two?

Only the cake knows


The Cake Walk Exchange


The cake walk is a celebration of partnership that has been fostered through the ages and often in sacred ceremonies of divine happenstance of beloveds who have just wed. Sometimes the cake walk is fostered for a marriage of gay or heterosexual fostering. Sometimes the cake walk is fostered in group endeavors for couples to understand their union lore of fate. The cake walk is an exchange of eating a piece of sacred cake baked in special incantations to lift the veils on the union lore of the two. As the pair feeds one another the first bites of cake, the nature of the exchange is a reflection of the lore of the two about to unfold ahead.


Wedding cakes in many cultures are often shared as a part of the ceremony. Sometimes the couple is expected to feed one another the first bites. Rarely is the nature of the union lore reflected upon as a result of the dream of the cake walk exchange. There is so much loss of information on the nature of partnership lore that couples go through rituals associated with partnership fostering without understanding the nature of the incantations associated. Incantations in a wedding ceremony will foster the union into blessed to disastrous dreams ahead. The cake walk is a reflection of the karmic fate of the two that will play out ahead and following the ceremony.


The Cake Walk Experiences   


The cake walk was once a sacred ceremony fostered by ministers of deep reflection upon the nature of partnership fostering in ancient times. The cake walk can once again be fostered amongst those interested in better understanding their union lore of fate. Any difficult or dark fate can be forgiven and risen above through light motions of field. Therefore, the cake walk is not to be frightened of but simply another mirror to witness about the nature of the lore of partnership one is about to embark upon ahead with one’s beloved of fate. Here are four very difficult cake walk experiences to be witnessed through. Read more