Image of a magnificent fjord scenery in Norway. We Dream of Atlantis

Foreword: We Dream of Atlantis


The Truth of Atlantis


The Truth of Atlantis

The truth of Atlantis

Was a time of light wave synergy

That fostered humanity

In beautification of self

To provide for one another

In prosperity

For each man, woman and child

In a mellifluous truth

Of the love of the divine

In which soul oscillates within

In divine partnership

Of the two, three and the many

In the love of the heart

And the care of spirit

Fostering the truth of the whole

In light wave devotion

Of the Dao and Tao of Earth

For each and every kingdom

In the love of the world


We Dream of Atlantis is an epic journey of a cross age twin flame of Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha born in Atlantis about twelve thousand years ago known as Jasgahntar. Jasgahntar fostered a connection with Asur’Ana to understand himself through time in his own divine realization of self. Jasgahntar left an estuary of a story of his life from his personal experience in accord with his divine aspirations of spirit in his life. His story is humorous and romantic, depicting the delight of the tantric union foray of dreams that he fostered in dreaming his realization of self into the dance of the beloved within and in his life through time. (Jasgahntar is also a cross age twin flame to Per, Asur’Ana’s twin flame in this current lifetime.)


Atlantis was a tantric society with deep aptitude of understanding the nature of the masculine and feminine union. Atlantean civilization fostered gift of creating tantric dreams of delight and not plights of the night. Mindset development flourished and a syncopated rhythm of light motion that fostered a heavenly journey for those in unions of the divine, families and society at large. Many spiritual aspirants today recall the epic journey of Atlantis deep within and as a long lost ancestral past. Many long for a restoration of the joy possible in life when mindset resonates amongst all and civilization fosters unity, peace, happiness and a state of oneness through tantric union of the two, the three and the many.


We Dream of Atlantis is offered to rekindle the lost memories of a different state of being, a different mindset that fluxed in accord with spirit and fostered divine realization within. Divine partnership has only one purpose for spirit which is to realize self together into deeper accolades of unity of body, mind, and soul of the two. Please enjoy the epic journey of a cross era twin flame of Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha who shares of his wits, knowing and truth through his personal saga of a life of mastery as a tantric teacher of the divine.


Aloha Pumehana,

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