Image of a cornucopia basket with abundance of fresh fruits. Transcendental Yogi Tales #2

Transcendental Yogi Tales #2




The truth of our hearts

Lies in a moment in time

A thanksgiving of the divine

In which you blow my mind

As you are beautiful

But not in the physical

I adore your big beauty within

More than I ever could

And I love you so

Into a dream of deep care

From which I grow

And learn who I am

In this heart of mine




The joy of the soiree is in the care space of the Yogi. Yogi Bodhi is a gorgeous not sort of man who is bald, fosters a large appendage upon his face known as a nose, has big fat lips, dark skin and curly black eyebrows. His laugh is contagious however and he is known as the comedian Yogi of our hearts. Aspirants come to learn laughter, joy and hope giving birth to something new possibly after a life trauma but not always. Those who gather around the Yogi appreciate his sense of humor about life and about yourself. Each must be prepared to laugh at you as well as at others about the antics of partnership and friendship of the kinship variety of an amazing ashram of our hearts.


The room is candlelit for the dinner of the divine conception of ourselves. It is a spring gala event at Ashram Libertee. The room shimmers with silks of gold cast upon all tables. Glass bowls are laden with bountiful abundance of divine flavors that entice the senses to eat too much. Yogi Bodhi is a large man with a belly that jiggles as he laughs. Many in the ashram engorge themselves gaining weight over time if they stay too long. Those seeking partnership attempt to eat less but often fail due to the delight of the taste buds, if not the waistline. The Yogi encourages each to fill themselves grandly at each seasonal harvest ball in thanksgiving of self.


The music delights and some do dance and sing along with the many ashram story songs composed for the Yogi through time. Folk bump into one another due to the buxom nature of both male and female devotees of Ashram Libertee. It is a liberty to eat too much. It is a liberty to laugh too much. It is a liberty to feel free to do the opposite of what all other ashrams preach which is to fast, cleanse, grow lean and dance into the night swaying with another type of Yogi other than Yogi Bodhi. Read more