Image of a graceful manta ray swimming in the ocean. The Flight Of The Manta Ray

19. The Flight Of The Manta Ray


Blessings for Health and Balance


The Manta Ray Kingdom


Manta Ray is a medium sized white to grey ocean creature with a flat body with wing-like fins allowing us to fly underwater much like a bird. A few ascending humans have often watched us with great fascination for hours in the aquariums of several Honolulu restaurants, and indeed we are most graceful in our own habitat.


Manta Ray has been thought of as poisonous, and indeed we have the capacity to sting our prey into lifelessness in order to consume it. Often aquarium keepers remove the pouch carrying the poison deeming us harmless for human contact. In the ocean we would be unlikely to attack a human, as you are far too large for us to consider prey. Several initiates have seen us in our magnificent underwater flight while snorkeling in many places around the Hawaiian Islands.


Poison and the Death Hormone


Poison and poisonous substances are interesting subjects that Manta Ray wishes to shed light upon for ascending human initiates. Many initiates are frightened of poisonous substances that may be given off in insects, the plant kingdoms, or certain species in the sea, such as sea urchins. Indeed, the tips of sea urchins contain a poisonous substance that Hawaiians would often use to hunt and kill the wild boars that once freely roamed the islands.


What is a poison? Poison is a substance that causes one to go unconscious and die, or kills a portion of the form. Some substances attack the brain stem causing a cessation of the breath so that one simply asphyxiates. Some substances attack the heart causing the heart to cease pumping. Yet other substances attack the adrenal glands causing the blood pressure to rise so rapidly and so high that an aneurysm of the brain occurs due to ruptured blood vessels. The bleeding in the brain causes a rapid death of the form triggering the death hormone to be released by the pituitary gland.


Each poison ultimately triggers the death hormone to be emitted into every organ along with all tissue of the form to elicit death. The death hormone is the ultimate poison. What is the death hormone? Death hormone is a substance that causes all cells within any form to shut down and die so rapidly that the form generally ceases to breathe in less than 5 to 20 minutes depending upon the size of the species. As the death hormone is emitted, it permeates all cells in the form shutting down life. Read more