Image of a delicate white chrysanthemum with violet and gold at its center. Transcendental Yogi Tales #1

Transcendental Yogi Tales #1


Section 1: Transcendental Yogi Tales Introduction


The tale of the Yogi

Is transcendental

In a dream of himself or herself

And always divine

In its outcome

As the love of the truth

Is fostered

Within each and all

In the grace and enchantment

Of what is possible

In the care of the whole

Of the ashram and people

Of his or her heart


Master Ananda shares from his heart transcendental stories of Yogis of the feminine, masculine and sometimes both through time. Each story aligns a blessing from the divine grace of the spirits that love humanity when a Yogi is present in your midst. The love of the two and the care of the ashram prevails in a divine sequencing of dream that only a master of truth can foster for others through time. May each story warm your heart and allow you to dream in Yogi parables of a fate divine ahead.


In the love of the love within,

Asur’Ana and Per



The Truth of Ourselves


The love of the sway

Departs a rhythm

Of a soar into heaven

Like two birds of ourselves

Into the moonlit sky

In your arms I am forever

In the forever of the truth

Of the love of who I am

In a transcendental journey

Of a Yogi system

In which the nonphysical is real

And all else is not

And the love of spirit

Is sublime


The Truth of Ourselves


The flight path with the Yogi is divine. I soar and sail with Rareitish every other week in his recitals of music with his divine consort who dances under the starry night skies of his ashram “Suhana”. Suhana translates into “beautiful” in our language and indeed the land and lodging is beautiful indeed in Ashram Suhana. The lake is picturesque and can be bathed within in three regions; one for men and one for women and the other for partnerships. The love is high at noon and dinner is sublime at seven and the evenings often flow with amazing music from around the countryside as musician after musician arrives to add to the orchestra of the ashram. I too am a dancer at age eighteen known as Swarza. Swarza is the Yogi’s name for me that was offered at age fourteen as I motioned to remain in his care due to the truth that the Yogi is my father. Read more