Image of captivating lavender and white flowers. Mindset Development #2

Mindset Development #2


The 11-11 Gateway


Ascension into Forgiveness Theory of Self


11-11 Opening


The 11-11 gateway

Is a series of motions

That opens the heart

In the chalice of the divine

Giving birth to self

Flowering in itself

Fostering a truth divine within

And the expression of love

As a fostering of forgiveness

That is born within

And renditions the life

Into a hypothesis of ascension


Systems of the 11-11: Mastery of Forgiveness


Mindset development begins in mastery of the 11-11 octave of light infused ascension. Ascension is a foray of dream to foster a level of forgiveness theory of self. Self is the consciousness of field that is woven in between the chakras that causes awareness in life. The motions of the mind in the cortex in certain formations trigger awareness of self. The mind must develop in order for awareness of ascension level hypothesis of forgiveness to begin.


Mindset development begins as an 11-11 octave of development. 11-11 development triggers new synapses to grow on the cortex leading to unity-based awareness. 11-11 development also fosters a re-numeration of the binary encoding of the molecular structure of the biology. The re-numeration allows the consciousness to expand within to embrace concepts of forgiveness of each upon one’s path. The re-numeration also triggers new DNA to grow that fosters another level of health within. Organs that are weak or diseased can ascend and recover in the 11-11 apothecary of self.


Forgiveness theory of self is a development of many. There are many who have ascended into the 11-11 octave over this past century. Those mastering forgiveness develop synapses in the cortex relay a spiral mind wave. Spiraling mind waves are associated with evolutionary fulfillment concepts of self. Evolution is fulfilled upon through forgiveness theory of self as 11-11 development occurs. The spiraling mind wave triggers a release of emotional strife as forgiveness unfolds. Balance and harmony follow as the strife is forgiven within. Read more