Image of apple tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #3

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #3


Swing of You and Me


Swing of You and Me



The swing of you

And the swing of me

Fosters a synergy of the three

In the heart accolade

Of you and me

In the love of the many

And the care of the whole

In light wave synergy

In the oneness of ourselves

In a motion divine

In an ocean of our hearts

In a beautiful dream together as one


Swing of You and Me    


The swing is a metamorphosis oriented space in which two or three may flow as one. Oneness theory is a beautiful orchestration of light wave synergy of the two or three. Swinging together is not to be confused with sensual pleasure. Swinging is a sway of motions of light that foster a nest in which two or more may rest and care for one another as kin or friends or beloveds. If another enters the swing of the two, the trilogy of the three swings together. The more that swing together, the larger the bounty for each in the motions of light. The light enhances the dreams of the nuances of the experience of the two or three to share of their time together. Each synergizes and then swings in the beauty of the two or three.


Swings are not uncommon even in this era as a nonphysical system in which many may adjoin in dreaming the life at night and motion together while asleep. The motions foster sustenance of the physical so that it can renew and revive itself through time. Swings are an unconscious experience for most of humans who have polarized into discord with one another in life. For those emerging in light wave synergy, there is the possibility of learning to swing together in synergy while awake. The swing while awake will call to you the most mesmerizing of exchanges with others who can foster the unity and oneness possible in the swing of you and them. If three are involved, then the swing expands to encompass another that causes yet another delightful exchange of a triad of formations of light.


Swinging with two or three is a very beautiful exchange. There must be harmony within each and between the two or three in order to foster a beautiful swing together in light wave synergy motions of field. Two who are discontent cannot swing together. Two who swing together frequently in delightful nuances may discover that the third who is in disharmony breaks the swing of the two. The swing of the three requires all three to be in harmony with one another and within. Read more