Image shows people embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

A Sustainable Lifestyle


Our lifestyle is the way that we choose to live our lives (such as the values that we believe in and the things that we buy) which reflects who we are. Because all of life is interconnected, our lifestyle not only impacts others but also the planet. Life on Earth will last for many more generations, perhaps even indefinitely, if we choose to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.


Living a sustainable lifestyle means making responsible choices. Some questions we may want to consider are: Am I using the planet’s resources responsibly? Is this my lowest carbon option? Am I respecting the community of life Will this be fair to other people? Am I conserving the planet’s vitality and diversity?


It takes billions of years to produce this wonderful planet which is our treasured home. All life on the planet—including humans, animals, plants, rocks, soils, waters and air—is part of one great interdependent system.  Disturbing or destroying one part of this ecosystem can affect the whole. Our duty as residents of this beautiful Earth is to take care of her so that at the very least the next seven generations will continue to thrive and flourish in peace and abundance. Read more

Image shows a sustainable society Venn diagram.

What Is A Sustainable Society?


This weekend, I did some research on the criteria for a sustainable society.


According to the Sustainable Society Foundation, A sustainable society is a society:


  1. that meets the needs of the present generation,
  2. that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,
  3. in which each individual has the opportunity to develop himself or herself in freedom, within a well-balanced society and in harmony with its surroundings.

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