Image of pretty yellow tulips. Shakti Studies #1

Shakti Studies #1


About Union Lore


The Nature of Partnership in Community


The Union of the Two


I am the partner

Of the union of myself

Mirrored in another

Fostering a theory

Of the care of the heart

In a dream of synergy or dis-synergy

Through time

In an incantation

Fostered at birth

Reflecting the truth within

In a foray of dreams

In the infinite magnitude

Of possibility through time


The Beliefs Surrounding Union


The beliefs surrounding union is an antidote of the lore of union fostered at birth. The union lore fostered at birth attracts the incoming spirit to the child of the parents that foster parallel lore of partnership later in life. Partnership mirrors the lessons of spirit as it incarnates into matter. Partnership is the main lesson of childhood, teenage years and often adult years in most lives. Partnership fosters lessons of love and hate, truth and lies, friendship and enemies, and care or non-care of self.


Beliefs are sustained in the DNA of the birth tapestry that the incoming child draws upon to construct the body in the womb. DNA can be modified through ascension into self-realization in this era. Many aspiring and realizing aspirants foster new union lore within through allowing the DNA to transcend the karma embedded in the cells from birth that foster partnership. Realizing DNA releases the old mirrors of self fostered in the birth family allowing another lore of union to take flight later in life.


Transforming Inner Partnership Issues      


There are many union fables that foster difficult or beautiful partnerships through time. The Shakti and Shaktar Relationship Studies offered in this book allow the lore associated with difficult, moderate and glorious unions to be brought to consciousness to study. The purpose of the Shakti Studies is to foster another level of understanding that allows those seeking to transform internal partnership issues to foster a superlative union within or in life. Read more