Image of a spiritual journal with sunflower and butterfly

Keeping A Spiritual Journal


A spiritual journal is a written record of personal reactions relating to spiritual matters. Keeping a spiritual journal is a great way to understand our spiritual journey and to track how we are growing spiritually. Regular journaling can aid us in becoming who we want to be.


How to Begin a Spiritual Journal


  1. Begin by gathering your favorite writing materials and a special journal for writing in, which you can either purchase or create on your own.


  1. Set a time each day, each week or whenever you feel inspired to sit and self reflect on your spiritual journey. Date your entries. If you’re away from home, jot down the place and why you are there. It will help to put your journal entry into a context.


  1. Keep your spiritual journal with you at all times. You never know when something will make you wonder about spirituality. Keeping your journal on hand allows you to write down quotes, spiritual text references, or general thoughts you wish to reflect on at a later time.

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