Image of an orange tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #5

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #5


Territory of Self


Territory of Self



The territory of self is your life purpose

And the purpose of your soul

That you were born to fulfill upon

To foster this lifetime

In light motions of field

It is not the purpose of anybody else

It is the purpose of me and myself

I am that I am

In the purpose of myself

In the forever of my soul

In the love of me

And not in the love of yourself not


Territory of Self


The territory of yourself is the self of yourself in light motion of field that draws the dreams associated with your life purpose. The self of you has a terrain all of its own. Self is your conscious awareness that has been acquired in a lifetime of spiritual focus of yourself. The terrain of yourself is not the terrain of anybody else. Terrain of self is the structure of the striations of field that illuminate your subtle body of field as you think, process or foster your mindset through time. Terrain of self is personal and has its own understanding and focuses that draw dreams unto you that are associated with the rays of your life purpose in light motion of field. Purpose is color keyed in this cycle. Each terrain is generally woven of three rays of color in this time period to cause the soul’s purpose to manifest in the life dreams of you.


Red to magenta is the ray of fortification and is associated with those who foster lives of physical focuses such as yoga, massage, adventures into nature that foster spirituality within, gardening or farming, or any other activity that requires physical action through time. Blue to sky blue is the ray of harmony and is associated with any activity that fosters community with others in peace and grace through time. Green to pale green is the ray of the plant kingdom and fosters a purpose associated with the land.


Yellow to gold is the ray of creative endeavors such as music, art, acting, architecture and interior or clothing design. Orange to Peach is the ray of purposeful action of spiritual focuses such as educating others or writing spiritual materials. Pink to pale pink is the ray of purposeful love in action which fosters healers of any type of fostering including doctoring in natural remedies to hands on healing action of self. Purple to lavender is the ray of transformative focuses of light wave mastery and mindset development along with self-development to self-realization fostering. Read more