Image of a plum tree with juicy fruits. Earth Light Wave Sign Language #2

Earth Light Wave Sign Language #2


Self of You


Self of You


Self of You

The synergy of you

Is a synergy of soul

That fosters who you are

In the heart of you

In the love of me

And in the understanding of you

And the understanding of me

In a common language

That builds comprehension of myself and yourself

In which I accept you

And you accept me

As another of yourself


Self of You


The self of you is a fostering of yourself. Are you with yourself? Do you know yourself? Do you know who you are in relation to others? Self of you knows yourself as soul ignites a divine key to be present in the self of you. Many do not know themselves. They cannot as they are soulless. Soullessness was caused as the body, mind and spirit failed to synergize.


Soul motions within the self of you to allow the consciousness of your mind to know you. As you know you, you know yourself. As you know yourself, you more easily determine where you are to be, grow, go, or motion onwards towards in your life. Many are plagued by not knowing themselves enough to determine where they belong. In most cases, the lore fable determines the birth and death and everything in between without understanding the self of themselves enough to do anything else.


Self of you can realize something other than the lore fable directing your life. Do you feel right or good or in harmony with the lore fable taking you into this relationship or job or this circumstance? Is it right for you? The self of you knows as soul descends to blend where you belong. Perhaps you will end the sojourn and motion on to others of more kinship that feel better unto you. You are the boat of you on the ocean of yourself. You know yourself as soul fosters your direction or redirection if the dream does not align with soul. You are soul driven and not a mechanized reality simply reliving the patterns of the ancestry without awareness or awareness of direction. Read more