Image of a lovely waterfall. Shakti Relationship Lore #9

Shakti Relationship Lore #9


The Forensics Mission


The Lore of Seduction and Loss of Heart



The mission of the moment

Is to seduce

With a cavalier of motion

That sustains the season

Of a glorious moment

In which the dream beautifies

And the union delights

But the flavor of Self

Mystifies the feminine

And he disappears from sight

Until a postulation of truth

Reveals the care of the heart


Seduction Simulates Care of the Heart


Seduction is a forensics act that simulates care of the heart. Seduction is often mystifying as it can romance in one motion and then depart in another. The one the most mystified is generally the one who feels abandoned after a glorious time together. The seducer is not a permanent fixation in the life; only a cavalier moment in time in which love appears to flourish. The heart felt motion may syncopate a rhythm in which one feels as though they are falling in love. The seducer is a good actor that plays the part for a time but departs knowing that he or she cares for no one sincerely; and cares too much for him or herself within.


Care that is only internal is a reflection of ego of a sincere warrior not of the heart. Warrior of the heart-nots are a fixation of a desire for love as felt inside to manifest outside with someone spectacular as themselves. No one ever matches the picture of perfection of the seducer within who is so glorious unto themselves that they know they are simply too special for anyone. Often the seducer lives alone flowing from one disappointing union unto the next. Over time, the seducer may settle in marriage due to social pressure or other confinements of need in life. Generally, the judgment of the seductive partner is so apparent that resentment occurs of the union over time. One partner feels far less or worthless in the extreme ego of the other. The worthlessness can surmount into a devastation within in which the heart is lost.


Worthlessness and Loss of Heart


Worthlessness is an action of a loss of heart. The heart accolade is a special motion and system of energetic formation and formulation that triggers a flavor of care within. As the heart accolade is rendered, the heart eclipses leading to the flavor of worthlessness, depression, suicidal tendencies and diseases associated with the immune function, lungs and heart. Heart motions are succinct rhythms that when damaged disturb the forensics of the biology. If sustained long enough, the loss of heart motion leads to diseases of the chest. Heart loss that is mild is less disturbing than a major shattering of the chalice of the divine. Unions in close proximity are forensically capable of shattering the heart accolade of self leading to extreme loss of the will to live and suicide, accident or disease to follow.  Read more