Image of abundance of coconut fruits on a coconut tree. Blessings For Interdependence

13. Blessings For Interdependence


From the Nut Bearing Tree Kingdom


It is the Nut Bearing Trees that greet you today. Nuts such as almonds, pecans, macadamias and walnuts have been a part of human dietary habits since the original seeding of the Red Nations Peoples about 300,000 years ago. Nuts are high in fats and proteins necessary to sustain life. Long ago, the ancient red nations’ peoples did not consume flesh; they survived instead upon a vegetarian diet. Primarily, the nut kingdom assisted in providing 80% of the protein requirements for the crystalline biology of these ancient humans. Legumes (beans) and mushrooms provided the other 20% of the protein requirements.


Complete Foods


Protein is a necessary substance to ascending biology. The muscles, organs and glands require adequate protein to assist in the ongoing regeneration of crystalline cells as well as ascension of decayed regions of the form. Nut proteins may be one of the easier sources of proteins to digest by crystalline enzymes, easier even than eggs. Why is this so? Nuts when ingested break down into many nutrients as they contain small amounts of sugars, oils and protein making them a “complete food”.


Complete foods host all nutrients necessary to sustain one’s form. Crystalline digestive enzymes break down all three components in one’s diet, which is why it is good to include some protein, carbohydrates and fats along with fermented foods in each meal as an ascending human. This makes nuts a good “complete food” to ingest as a snack or as added to one’s main dishes, salads or desserts.


Most plant kingdoms do not host fruits that are complete as a nutritional source. It is through food combination that one creates a complete meal providing all nutrients required for continued health and evolution. In time, many other plant kingdoms much like the nut kingdom will increase in nutrients as they ascend into a genetic blueprint from another time in which all foods held greater levels of nutrition. Foods in ancient times were complete unto themselves.


Coconut is an example of a more ancient food that is complete to an even greater degree than most nuts, and is one of the few of this nature remaining upon Earth. Fresh coconut juice provides a fermented liquid filled with many digestive enzymes due to the heat of the sun. Asur’Ana discovered that this fluid is very useful in breaking down the deposits in the liver and kidney ducts as well as cleansing the veins of the blood. Read more